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Weekly Wellness ... Ditch & Switch

As you know I am working towards being clean and green this year and slowly but surely changing our household into a green home.  I will never be 100% green, but I hope to be close and to make better choices in all areas of what we use in the home and and our bodies.  Even though it has only been a  few months since I started the "ditch and switch" I already feel so much better about the work I have done.  Every single time I pick up a product I know is safe I feel so good.  I honestly can't tell you how empowering it feels to have knowledge and to make decisions that are best for our family.

My favorite thing we switched out is the products we use to clean the home. As you know I am now exclusively using Thieves products.  They are all plant based and completely safe and green.  We are using Thieves household cleaner, Thieves dish soap, Thieves laundry soap, and Thieves pump soap at every sink.  Three products replaced every other cleaning product I owned.  As I type that I am still blown away at the money I spent buying a product for every cleaning issue.  I know take my household cleaner and either mix it with baking soda (for scrubs) or essential oils for specific needs.  What I thought would be an more expensive choice has turned out to be the absolute opposite. 

When I bought my products and started using them I knew they were concentrated but I didn't know how much I could break down for more uses!  With both the dish soap and the laundry soap you can divide the bottles into two (or even three for the dish soap) containers.  Simply open your brand new bottles, pour half of the laundry soap and either a half or third of the dish soap into a large mason jars and store it under your sink or in your cabinets for use when your bottles run out.  Add water to the rest of the product in the original product, shake and you are ready to use.  This makes the bottle of laundry soap extend to 128 washes and extends your dish soap so much longer than any other product you can purchase at the store.  What I love most is how well these products clean my laundry and our home and the extra added benefit of Thieves oil makes it even better.

Make sure you store your Thieves products out of the sun and either in a cabinet or in amber bottles to protect the essential oils included in the products.  The sun will break down your oils which is the exact thing you don't want to happen. 👍

Young Living has an amazing deal this month for all members.  With a Essential Reward order of 190 PV or more you can earn free products and if your order is 300 PV you get a large bundle of free products which includes all of the Thieves products + Orange Essential Oil to make your "ditch and switch" so easy!!  To become a member you just need to purchase a Premium Starter Kit which includes your diffuser + 11 essential oils + other amazing products.  The kit is currently on special for $144 (normally $160) and is a great deal since the diffuser alone is more than half the price. March could be the month you completely switch over your cleaners and start using oils to support your family in the best way possible. 

Do yourself a favor!  Check out what is in the cleaning products you use.  I was shocked to find so many toxic ingredients in the products I was using which was making my home dirtier as I thought I was cleaning it.  How in the world did I miss that? Use either the EWG or Think Dirty app and scan your products.  Educate yourself ... I can't tell you how much I have learned and truly how much money we are now saving.  I have to say it, I am so proud of the choices I have made.

Happy Thursday to you, I hope your day is truly fabulous!

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  1. What do you use as a disinfectant in the kitchen to clean , for example, where some juice of raw meat has spilled?



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