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Candlemaking with Candlefish


Are you a candle lover just as much as I am?  I have such a love for a lit candle and how it makes my house smell and feel.  After deciding to go clean and green in the house this year I have had a hard time choosing safe candles.  I am thrilled to learn that Candlefish has so many options available that allow me to still burn candles ... and be safe.  I am a huge fan of all things Candlefish and have attended two classes to make my own candles which is so much fun and I recommend it to all. 

If you are new to Candlefish let me catch you up quickly.  

Opened by Rewined Candles founder, Adam Fetsch, Candlefish was opened as a "destination that shares the illuminating experience of candle-making through scent, tough and sight."  With their library of more than one hundred fragrances that are "strategically concocted in numerous different ways to form the scents behind the handmade candles in their collection."  Each candle is made of three scents that begin to show themselves as the candle burns. 

Candlefish opened a 1,578 square foot store in Ponce City Market and since its opening it has been creating quite the buzz.  The first of its kind in Atlanta, the store offers BYOB candle making workshops where attendees can choose their favorite scent and create two candles they get to take home.  To read all about my first candle making class check out this blog post ... full of all the details of how it works.

I have such a treat for you today!  I am co hosting a candle making class at Candlefish at Ponce City Market here in Atlanta for 14 lucky people.  The class will be held on Friday, March 15 at 10 am. I will be on hand to chat, share my story and participate with you as we make two candles and learn so much about candles, scents, how to care for candles and so much more.  If you have not done this before you are in for a major treat, it is so much fun.  Combine that with a glass of champagne and some yummy bites and we are in for a morning of fun! 

You can sign up here to secure your space ... it is limited to 14 so don't dally ... you don't want to miss out on such a fun morning!  I am literally bursting with excitement, can you tell??

Make it a date for you and a bestie ... or just you (I will be your new bestie), we will have the most fun!!  I am literally bursting with excitement! 

Sign up quickly, space is limited!!

Have the best Monday ... 🕯🎊

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