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12 Happies du Jour

Happy, happy Tuesday!!  I hope your week is going well.  We are hunkering down for what the weather says will be a rainy week and I am wearing all the color I can find, buying all the pretty flowers and focusing on the sun I can create since Mother Nature is grey and cloudy.  Don't you love this amazing hand painted wall?  My sweet friend Evelyn Henson painted it and you can stop by if you are local to Charlotte or are visiting.  Make sure you snag a photo and tag it #confettiheartswall.  I just love it so much!

Since it's Tuesday I have so many fun things to share with you!!  Here we go ...

I love this article and I am swooning over the darling nickname, it just makes that sweet girl even more precious in my opinion.

And this article.  I just love learning more about Slim Aarons, I really love his work.  We currently own one of his images and I hope to collect more.

I have gotten so many questions on this pair of sunglasses I purchased about a month ago.  I really love them and I think they look amazing on, which I think you would agree.  The price is the best part, stylish sunnies that won't break the bank, yes please!!

Wicker hoops?  Yes please ... but which pair to choose?

I popped over to one of my favorite online boutiques (and one of the amazing blog sponsors) and found some darling items in their new arrivals section.  I am dying for all their cute new items, especially since as I am typing this it is raining yet again and I so wish I was sitting and having a meal alfresco in the Winter Park sun!

I really love flip flops, as we all well know, and these leather ones are fabulous.  They have so many great color options and now they offer a monogram (free, can you believe it?) on them as well.  I love the blush pink (#26) , navy (#17), and the nude (#39).  They have so many color options, but of course my favorite are the colored ones!  How fabulous are they with the monogram?

I have shared this darling custom sun hat before but the time is perfect to share it again since Spring Break is just around the corner. These hats are amazing ... custom made for you with the addition of a monogram.  I chose the pink hat with a navy inside pattern and a circle navy pattern, but the options are endless.  Make sure you pop over to Barbara Cobb Sun Hats and follow them and keep your eye out for a giveaway coming very soon!

And speaking of giveaways ... there is only a few more days to enter this giveaway for Eric Ross' brand new book.  It's a great book so don't miss the chance to enter!

Are you familiar with Lightning Bugs Boutique?  Lisa makes the most adorable lamp shades and I am smitten with all of them.  I think the monogram, gingham, and Staffordshire pups are the best of her options. Her night lights are darling and would be perfect in any home!  If you are new to this Etsy shop you must check it out and mark it as a favorite!

I just ordered the best thing and I know you will love it.  This blog post was only missing one thing, this tool I just added to my shower.  The trick to washing your hair properly is good scalp care and this tool makes it so much easier.  I ordered one to try it out and then ordered more, one for each of us.  I promise you this little tool is truly a life saver.

Also, in case you didn't know ... I keep all my favorite picks and purchases listed in my Amazon store.  You will find so many great things that we own and love using.

Seriously ... does it get any better than Justin Timberlake + Jimmy Fallon together?  Alone they are fabulous but together they are FANTASTIC.  This video clip is too much!!

I hope your day is fabulous ... do something super fun today that you think is "outside your box"!!

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