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Weekly Wellness ... Cotton Towels

Hey Friends!  I am so happy to see all the lovely messages regarding our newly finished upstairs hallway, we are so very thrilled.  Yesterday afternoon I had to check in on the rest of the house and found it to be a smidge less than tidy (read messy!!).  I picked up things I had neglected, ran a few loads of laundry and cleaned the heck out of my kitchen.  Why, oh why do the counters gets so crazy??

When we committed to going green this year I wanted to cut down on our paper towel use.  I knew I would not be able to cut them out completely, since there are certain things I just did not want to wipe up with towels.  I bought a jumbo pack at the beginning of the year with the hopes that I would use far less than normal and would have the rolls for longer than I hoped.  We are now at the beginning of month three and I still have quite a few rolls in the pack.  I am really excited and proud of the lack of paper towels we are using.

To help with the cleaning and drying I have switched to cotton towels.  We are washing more towels, but I am 100% good with it.  When hunting for good towels I headed to my go to for all things monogrammed, The Monogram Merchant.  Cynthia recommended I chose the Damask Huck Towel as it was perfect for drying hands and things like silver and glass.  I love to use these for our hands, hand washed items and to hang in the guest bathrooms.  I can tell you these towels are fabulous, and perfect to add to your kitchen and bathrooms.  Need a gift, these are also perfect for that!  Cynthia picked two monograms she knew I would love (she is always right) and sent them right away.  

For cleaning counters and the sink I am using a sponge and a combination of Thieves cleaner and baking soda for the harder to clean areas and my kitchen has never looked cleaner or been cleaner honestly.  The sponge gets popped into the dishwasher each day and the towels we are using for our hands and hand washed items go right into the white loads in the washing machine.  What I love about the Huck towels is how well they wash and with the exception of the guest bathroom you can pull them right out of the dryer, fold them and they are ready to be used.   When I hang them in the bathroom I do run an iron over them to make sure they look their very best, but if I wasn't so anal they would be good hung immediately.  😉

The Monogram Merchant is my go to source for towels in our home and the added monogram.  Cynthia has incredible choices, gorgeous colors and fabulous customer service. We have so many of her products in our home, both in the bathrooms and a number of monogram napkins for the table.  Every single one of the items we own are fabulous and in constant rotation. 

I really am loving our new towels and the difference they are making in my days.  I feel so good wiping my hands on a fabulous towel versus ripping off another paper towel that just gets discarded immediately.  As I said before, we are ditching paper towels completely, my goal was to cut down on our usage and to switch to something that we could use and reuse.  Thank you Cynthia for helping me meet that goal.

To shop these darling towels you can find them here along with so many other amazing products we own from The Monogram Merchant. Cynthia's shop is a great source for items like these along with so many custom monogram items you can purchase for yourself or gifts.  Make sure you check out her whole shop, you will be so thankful you did.

Happy Friday to you all ... our weekend includes catching up on laundry (eek!) along with some much needed downtime.  Hope yours is fabulous! 

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