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Adventure Refresh || Stairs + Hallway Reveal

It is here ... I honestly can't even believe I finished.  My upstairs hall + stairwell is complete and looks so much better than I even thought it would. I honestly have no idea why I waited so long to make this happen but I am so thankful it is complete and looks so good.  I am just as happy as I can be.  I am so thankful Jewel of Jewel Interiors put together an amazing blog hop to get me motivated to make a change that I had wanted to get started on for so very long.  Why oh why do we wait for blog hops + company??

Holy Thursday ... I literally skirted into the end of this challenge like I was on fire and only driving on two wheels. It was crazy how it was so down to the wire and most of my images shot with the paint still wet.  I have never been so close on a transformation before and this one threw me for a loop when things took longer than I thought they would.  Honestly I was sure it was simple, two weeks to finish, and easy peasy.  As usual I was wrong and it took longer than I planned.  Maybe it was me painting the space the wrong color when I began that set it off on the wrong foot, who even knows!  😳  But ... as transformations go I will completely forget the hassle, the delays, and even the slightest disappointments and I will be up for another in a few months.  It is like childbirth ... you forget all about labor pains until you find yourself being wheeled into the hospital and it all comes flooding back.

Enough of the Debbie Downer chit chat, now with just the photos we both want to focus on.  I am so thrilled with this finished space I can hardly stand it. I absolutely love how different it looks, though it wouldn't take much to make that sad brown space look alive.  Honestly, the cutest thing in the photo above is our sweet pup. 💗

I mean, isn't it so very sad looking? 

But ... no more!  Here in all her fabulous, blue, bright glory ... the brand new upstairs hallway + stairwell.  Oh, and since the hallway gets so little styling, I added lots of flowers to the entry way!  😙

To begin I knew the space needed to be the same blue we painted our foyer.  Even though the foyer is hand painted the blue paint on the wall under the detailed paintings needed to be carried up the stairs and down the hallway.  I love the color, its a soft muted Wedgwood blue color and it just makes me happy.  My next thing on my list is to tackle the back stairs which needs the same blue + white overhaul.

Next, we needed wainscoting.  We added it to our stairwell and foyer a few years ago and I loved it instantly.  I am not sure we didn't continue it up to the hall upstairs, but we did not.  When I decided to use the upstairs hall for this project I added wainscoting to the first to do on the list.  I love that trim immediately changes a space, don't you? We painted all the trim my favorite white paint, Farrow & Ball All White.  I have said it many times, this paint is amazing and the full gloss makes it look like it is wet all the time with that gorgeous gloss.  I am slowly but surely painting all the white spaces in my home with this stunning paint.

I can't believe how quickly the white wainscoting changed the hall.  The moment it was installed I was ecstatic!  💗

One of my favorite things in our home is all of our framed photographs + mementos.  I love walking down the halls or up the stairs and seeing our family history, our children when they were young, framed things that mean something to us, and treasures we have found on travels and while antiquing.  There were so many frames hanging in the hall before I began and I knew they needed to be edited, updated and completely revamped.  Some of them were space holders, didn't have meaning or just needed to be moved and this was the best project to make all of that happen.  I also knew that I wanted to add some art in the mix and minted. was perfect for this project.

I have worked with minted. before and loved all the art we chose for our den.  It was the perfect punch of art that I was looking for when we worked on that space and I was thrilled to be able to work with minted. again on this project.  minted. has the best selection of art and artists.  I headed to fine art section on their website and chose a number of beautiful pieces and then my sweet husband make the final choices to add four different pieces to the walls. Since we both grew up in Florida and love our history there we are both drawn to pieces that remind us of home. It was no surprise to me that he chose the ones he did, I think they are perfect mixed in with family photos and a few of my favorite vintage pieces.

A great detail shot of the new molding ... I really love it so much.

Along with the walls being a dull color and with no detail the lights I hung in the hallway a number of years ago were no working at all.  The light was not great and the they were making weird reflections on the walls.  It was simply not working at all.  When Hudson Valley offered lights for the space I was literally giddy.  Hudson Valley has incredible lighting and their selection is so vast, so I could chose from a variety of styles.  Knowing I wanted a flush mount I headed to that section on their website and found an amazing light that I knew would be divine.

Installing these Chandler (in aged brass) flush mount lights made all the difference in my hallway.  I used to be so irritated when someone would leave the hallway light on because it would provide such a weird glow into our room with funny shapes in the evening.  The lights I picked before might have been darling but they were a really bad choice.  The other evening I realized the hall lights were on as I was reading in our bedroom and I was so thankful all I saw was amazing light coming in.  I am so thrilled with the new lights, I can not say this enough.  They are simply fabulous.

There are a few things I didn't do and will tackle now that the space is finished.  We are replacing our carpet on the stairs and down the hall.  I did clean the carpet after the contractor left, but I won't be keeping it.  We are working with an amazing sponsor to replace the carpet and when we do this we will switch to a carpet runner on the stairs instead of carpeted stairs.  I am not ready to take this on right away ... my schedule is jammed packed for a few months.

We chose not install crown molding since our ceilings are shorter upstairs than they are down stairs.  I don't think I will add it since we went over the top with the floor molding.  My contractor recommended either adding crown and leaving the smaller floor molding or leaving off crown and adding a taller molding under the wainscoting.  I chose the latter decision and I really like the result.  It makes the walls feel taller than they truly are and now I am thinking the crown addition would make it feel chopped.  Currently the master bedroom and bathroom are the only rooms with crown molding on the second floor and for a while I think it will stay this way.

I will be painting the stair railing that is right outside our bedroom door white ASAP.  It is currently black to match the handrail and railing at the bottom of the stairs in the foyer.  When sitting in our master bedroom and looking into the new glorious hallway it is a lot to take in with the navy door + black railing and the white will blend right in.  As soon as I get a full nights rest I will be managing that situation.  😉

Jewel, I can not thank you enough for inviting me to participate with you and this incredible crew.  I can't tell you how happy I am with my own project and how inspired I am by reading each blogger included.  Wow, I hit the jackpot when you included me!!

Read the rest of the reveals here ... they are all incredible spaces!

Happy Thursday to you all ... 💕

Sources for the post ... 

Wall paint - Sherwin Williams Something Blue
Door paint - In The Navy (High Gloss)
Trim paint - Farrow & Ball All White (Full Gloss)
Lighting - Chandler in Aged Brass by Hudson Valley c/o
Art Prints - minted. c/o
Custom Framed photographs - Framebridge c/o
Needlepoint Butterfly - ksweigartcollection (weekly Instagram sales)
Antique & Vintage Silhouettes - PKL The Cellar
Frames - Target, Antique Shops & Various Sources
Marigot Shell Mirror - Frontgate c/o
Gold Shelves - PKL The Cellar
Wedgewood Pieces - Scott Antique Market
Blue Flow Plates - Gift from a precious reader
Rose Vase - Vietri c/o
Double Happiness Jar - Scott Antique Market
Foyer Chest - PKL The Cellar
Fruit Bowl - Scott Antique Market
Lamp - Scott Antique Market
Fabric Covered Lampshade - made by me


  1. LOL! Room makeovers are totally like child birth. But this labor of love was worth it. It turned out beautifully, Paige!

  2. This space looks so beautiful. I think so many times people tend to forget about their hallway. That's why I tackled ours as well. I love the blue color on the walls. I love the mix of the family photos and art work. It all came out so perfectly.


  3. It turned out just beautifully! Congratulations!! 💕💕💕

  4. Mmmm that wedgwood blue color is PERFECTION!

  5. You're right it makes SUCH a difference! Love all those sweet frames of yours!!

  6. It looks so bright and happy! Love that beautiful gallery wall. Such a special collection

  7. Love it!! Turned out so great and as always your styling is on point!

  8. So pretty! What a fantastic collection of frames! Love this gallery!

  9. Stunning! That blue is such a happy color, and the memorabilia makes it all yours! jthorntonwilson



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