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12 Happies du Jour

Happy, happy Tuesday!  As you are reading this I am on my way out of town for a fun few days.  A work trip with three fun girls that we are most definitely treating as a girls getaway.  I was truly so very excited to get away, even if it was just two days.  I truly get so energized being around incredible creatives and girl bosses and these girls are such amazing women.  I packed up my new travel bags and added some snacks and off I went ...

I have such fun happies for you today.  I feel like every single week is better than the last, which I truly hope it is.  All sorts of goodies for you, so here we go!

Of course as I was packing I grabbed my new palm bags from Barrington Gifts.  Since I am driving I am using a mix of suitcase + the Yacht tote and a few hanging bags of fun things.  The tote holds so much and I really like that it is open on the top so I can add in anything that I grab while I am there and add it for the ride home.  These bags are so good and I have rounded up my favorites once again. If you still need something for Mother's Day these bags are the ideal gift for her!

This egg cooker has been a constant on our counter since the moment it arrived.  I was so skeptical about buying it but I am so thankful I did.  We usually cook all six at a time and we prefer them hard boiled, but you can also make soft boiled and medium as well.  They come out perfect every single time you cook them, it is almost magical. 

I have added so many great things to my Amazon shopping page recently ... so much good blue + white pieces and some great spring happies along with some super useful items you may need.  You can shop the page here ... all of my Amazon choices in one place. 

I am so excited to share with you that a number of Stubbs & Wooten styles are on sale and they are 50% off the regular price. These shoes are definitely an investment, but they are so worth it.  They are comfortable and truly timeless and you can chose from regular loafers or mules.  I have one pair of navy velvet and I know they will be a go to pair for me for years.  I am dying over this pair. 

We have been making this turkey burger recipe once a week.  I love that they taste amazing and they are low in fat.  My favorite way to eat them is sans bun with a kale salad on the side.  I love to add feta cheese, toasted pecans and dried cranberries to a bag kale salad and add in lemon + olive oil as dressing.

When I was in Nashville a month or so ago I ate lunch at a darling spot and near the iced tea they had a bowl with lemons and torn mint ready to be added to your glass of sweet tea.  I loved that they were together, like best friends and I have been doing it every single in our house.  Easter weekend I attended a Master Gardener plant sale and walked out with all. the. mint. I seriously bought eight different kinds of mint ... everything from Mojito Mint to French mint and every variety in between.  In just a few weeks I will have all sorts of mint for all sorts of reasons and I am so very happy about it.

I have found some great spring shoe options for you I am so happy to share.  I snagged a few of them and the rest I have just rounded up because they are just so good and I had to share them with you.  The jellies are a must have and I recommend all the espadrilles.

I shared these darling night lights a few weeks ago and I have to share them again.  After I posted about them the darling artist popped a few in the mail to me, so very kind!!!, and I literally squealed when I opened the package having no idea they were coming.  I love a good night light for hallways and most definitely to use when company is with us so they never find themselves unable to see in the house.  I think these are the most darling ones I have ever seen and I think you should all add one, or two, to your cart asap!

You know we love our Young Living oils and I have a few new ones that I am loving.  We use Peace & Calming + Citrus Refresh in the am, I use Peppermint, Lemon and Lavender during the day and then at night my husband mixes Thieves, Rosemary, Cedarwood and Lavender.  I sleep like a baby.  I have been rolling Frankincense on my wrinkles (the elevens + under eyes for sure) and it is making all the difference.  I also use it for any spot that pops up.  It is like magic.  I swear by Joy and love to rub it on my wrists and I rub Valor on the kids wrists and over their hearts before school.  New to me is both the Progessence Plus and the Endoflex.  The Hubs is having issues with his thyroid and while we are dissecting those issues I was told to try the Endoflex blend on his neck.  I will try anything to help support him any way I can.  I am using the Progessence for hormone support.  I have heard nothing but rave reviews and I can use all the hormone and stress support I can get.  I would recommend purchasing all Young Living oils via wholesale ... and here is the way to do so.  The prices are so much better and you start off with an amazing kit of goodies to get you going!

I think this dress is so darling.  I love both colors, but I think the first one with the pink is my favorite. 

I have found a "new to me" jewelry artist and I think she is fabulous ...

Isn't this necklace beautiful?  It is stunning, the most incredible blue and so well made.  If you aren't familiar with Kaela Marie you are in for a real treat.  Check her out here!! I am wearing the Larimar Agate and it is truly so gorgeous.  I love all of her pieces ... they are all so good.

I have been wearing my pink gingham Katherine Elizabeth Wilson Designs top quite a bit, as you can clearly see, and I don't see that ending anytime soon.  It is the perfect pink!!  This color is no longer available but she has other colors in stock right now and has two releases coming soon.  Make sure you follow her on Instagram to keep in the loop for her next release.

Keep an eye out on Instagram for my trip this week, it's a good one and I can't wait to share the details when I get home!!

Happy Tuesday ... 

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