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The Perfect Summer Bag

I have had my eye on this bag for a while ... I first spotted it in the J.McLaughlin catalog when it came in the mail.  It is the perfect size and literally is the best bag for all things spring and summer. I dog eared the page in the catalog and set it aside on the corner of my desk adding it to my every growing wish list of all things incredible.

When I spotted my favorite artist was doing an in house painting day at the Worth Avenue store I immediately knew it was the perfect time to take the plunge and grab the bag I wanted. I called and the wonderful staff at the store helped me purchase, took down my painting request and set it aside for Jen Risk of Hathaway Hutton to personalize.

If you are not familiar with Jen's work you will adore her. Jen paints all sort of designer bags, accessories and even shoes to give them the monogram and designs they deserve.  I have been wanting to send her a bag for some time to paint for me and I can never stop using it long enough to ship it off.  I also can't decide what to add to my favorite Louie ... just stripes, stripes and a monogram or just a monogram.  Or pups ... do I want pups + a monogram, oh it's so hard. After seeing all of her work you will realize how hard it is to make a decision.

Oh, and isn't she so cute?

However, deciding what to have painted on my new bag was so very easy.  I chose a combination of two pinks and let her decide which ones to use.  I think her decision was spot on as I could not love it more! From the second the box arrived I have been carrying this bag which I can tell you is the perfect summer bag.  It holds just enough of my necessities and the drawstring closure and blue striped bag inside makes it so useful.  She shared a number of images of my new bag in progress and after it was painted and I just kept getting more and more excited.  I don't think I have torn into a box quicker when I spotted in on the doorstep.  If I had seen the delivery being made I most likely would have hugged them. It is the best bag and has garnished so many compliments.  I know I will use it for years to come as it is so timeless and oh so classic.

I am telling you ... this bag is just perfect.

I think J.McLaughlin has an amazing collection of spring and summer bags, each one so darling.  I am thrilled with my bag but if you are looking for a smaller bag, a cross body, or a clutch they have such a great selection.  I personally love the ones with the striped interior but they are all wonderful options.  These are bags that will stand the test of time and you will find yourself responding to a question of where did you find it with "its vintage, I snagged it from J.McLaughlin years ago".

Happy Monday ... 

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