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12 Happies du Jour

Happy, happy Tuesday!  I am sad that spring break is over and the grind has started once again.  I just love having all kinds of family time and with our unplanned stay-cation it turned out to be a perfect week.  We did what we wanted to, watched movies, ate out, went on walks, read, hung out with friends and even headed to a Braves game and ran back to our cars in the rain.  It was such a great week which ended with two birthdays (always a great week for us) and lots of sweet treats to celebrate!  The perfect ending to an amazing, relaxed week.

Since spring is in full swing with all the beautiful flowers (and pollen) ... today's list is completely spring related!  So, here you go ...

I am not a great baker, I don't know if it is because I am inpatient or just bad at it, but normally I don't bake.  Since my husband is a fabulous cook, he handles most of the cooking.  This past week I baked three things and each one of them came out perfect and were delicious. I have decided that while I don't succeed in the regular baking arena at the moment, I seem to be quite the gluten free baker.  I made two different batches of gluten free muffins and the gluten free chocolate cupcakes above.  I have also made gluten free brownies and they were amazing as well.  Maybe gluten free baking is an area of baking I can master!

With the weather warming up nicely we have been spending more and more time outside.  I am not someone who wears a baseball hat often, but I have been wearing two of them more often, it helps to keep the sun off my face while watching lacrosse games and walking Millie.  I have an ATL hat and a PBI hat that I love.  Airport code hats are so fun, don't you think?  I got mine from different sources (ATL from a local shop and PBI from Skinny Dip Palm Beach) but you can order from a full collection here.  This shop has the largest collection I have seen, and also carries shirts.

It is most definitely white jean weather, although I wear my white jeans all year long.  My favorite white jeans are no longer available but I found some amazing options for you.  My go to source for white jeans is always Loft, they are thick and I love the fun ankle options.  I found some great ones from Loft and a few other great options.  This pair I found and really like is on sale for $35 with the coupon code.

Anyone else completely obsessed with a pink lip?  I am so excited to share one of my favorite collections from Holiday has been re-released and is perfect for this time of year.  It is also absolutely ideal for teens wishing for a little color but not ready for a lipstick yet.  This amazing duo is so fun and is a different color on each person that uses it.  It brings out the pink in your lip making it your ideal pink color.  I would snag this set quickly, it sold so fast at Christmas and so many wanted it but missed out.  The set comes with a gloss as well to give your new pink lip a little something extra. 💗

I purchased these $25 leggings a week or so ago and have loved them since the moment they arrived.  I have already worn them repeatedly and ordered two more pairs (one for me and one for Little Bit) and I can't say enough good things about them.  They feel like Lulu, they wear like Lulu and they cost 1/4 of the price of Lulu.  You will love them.  I pair them with these shoes (currently 40% off) a lot and it is such a great running around outfit. (ps.  Millie sheds like crazy and it sticks to everything!  #ugh)

Every single time I take a photo with my sunglasses you all want to know where I got them.  These sunglasses are fabulous and look so expensive, but are the best price.  You can shop them here.

I also get a lot of questions about the glasses I have been wearing lately.  You can shop them here, such a cute frame at a fabulous price.  I also rounded up all my favorites from this shop from their new arrivals. Bring on all the spring entertaining please + thank you!  I think this dress would be amazing for Easter, so pretty and so comfy!

Southern Lady magazine shared the amazing Easter table collaboration Mary and I worked on last week and both of us were literally so very excited.  I am a new reader to Southern Lady but a loyal one.  This magazine is incredible and the features are fabulous.  I highly recommend you get a subscription for yourself and your mother for Mother's Day.  What a gift that would be for both of you!!

My friend Mary posted this robe in her stories last week and I ordered it immediately.  I love to wear a robe while getting ready.  It just feels so much better to wear something easy while doing hair and makeup, that way I don't get anything on me and I don't break out into a sweat.  My grandmother wore something similar and I loved how it was like a dressing gown.  Now I have one too.  She bought the blue + white and I bought the pink + white one. #duh

Speaking of Mary (again) ... the cute bunny items from our Easter table are on sale.  I linked them all below for you.  The entire Easter collection is currently 20% off.  I added in all my favorites from Williams Sonoma at the moment so order asap to get in time to set your Easter tables. 

Starbucks is expanding to add a new branch to their coffee shops ... called Pupbucks ... or at least I thought they were.  I added the news to my ongoing list of things to share with you only to find out when I did more research it was a huge April Fools gag.  Well, I will say this ... they snagged me!  I totally fell for it!

After the candle class last weekend my friends and I wandered around a little at Ponce City Market.  I snagged some doughnuts at Five Daughters Bakery to bring home.  I had never had them before and let me tell you this ... they are sooo good.  I will most definitely be eating more of them.  My favorites were The Purist and Blueberry Lavender which appears to be a March special.  They were sooo good, you must try them all. 

Oh, and how cute is this sign in the shop?? Yes please!

I hope your Tuesday is amazing!!  🍩

1 comment:

  1. Hi, Paige! Another great post - and I always click on every link to see what you have chosen. So, I go right to the sunglasses - NO LONGER AVAILABLE! You sold out Amazon!
    And there was a really nice store in Fete today about your Easter table - I'm sure you know but just wanted to throw it out there - the tables really are lovely. Susan



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