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A Spring Breakfast Room With Mohawk Home

I have to get a little creative when adding some spring touches in our home since it is already full of color.  For me spring means color, but since I have so much color all over the house I have to do a little more to garnish the feeling of the new season.  For our breakfast room which is filled with color I had to work extra hard but the results were so very worth it.

You may recall when we redid our kitchen and breakfast room I added my favorite wallpaper, Clarence House The Vase, in a sunny yellow.  It greets me every single morning like the bright sunshine and is the perfect backdrop for our farmhouse table and mixed grouping of chairs.  Most of the time we have two large orange chairs a the heads of the table, but for spring I swapped them out with these leaf chairs which are normally in the dining room.  The seats on both chairs are identical so swapping them back and forth is a breeze.  We have never had a rug under our table and this year I took the plunge and partnered with Mohawk Home to select a stunning rug to ground the space.

You might think adding a blue rug would make the space darker, but I completely disagree.  I love how much color the rug adds with all the blues and hints of white, turquoise and beige.  I think the combination of the leaf chairs and the new rug makes it feel like a brand new space.  How fabulous is that ... I swapped out two chairs, gave them both a hot pink pillow and added a new rug and the space feels completely different.

I shared some tips with you in this blog post to create spring in your home and I have incorporated five of my eight tips into this space.  I changed the furniture layout, added spring flowers, added rattan elements, added a bowl of citrus (on side chest), and added in some new pillows.  I really love how easy it is to change a space and give it a completely different feel.

While I was setting the table and changing out the chairs Millie spotted the new rug and immediately made herself at home.  I tried my darnedest to get her to move for the photos and she flat refused.  She turned down a treat (well took it from me and then returned to her spot), extra water (her favorite) and even said no to a walk.  She decided the rug was her spot and she wasn't budging.  I kind of love that she loves it as much as she does.  It is very plush and so well made and I am thrilled it is Millie approved.

I partnered with Mohawk Home to add this amazing rug to my home as part of a spring refresh.  I chose the Shenandoah rug from Prismatic collection.  It took me some time to choose a pattern as I loved quite a few of them.  I was so impressed with the amazing selection and after considering the colors of our home and the best fit I settled on this rug.  I would love for it to stay right where it is, but my middle son spotted it when he came home and pointed out it would also be a perfect fit for his room.  I don't see that happening, at least for now ... but you just never know.  The rug's colors are perfect for so many spaces in our home and I am thrilled that it is so versatile and could be added to his room, the foyer and even the guest room.  The colors are just so amazing and so easy to work with in so many rooms of our home.  I chose the blue, but the Shenandoah also comes in a beautiful green and a pretty amethyst.

Since I chose the rug for the breakfast room I am so thankful that it is stain resistant.  We no longer have small kids, but things do end up under the table and spills do happen.  I will be able to spot clean the rug and the stain resistant feature is ideal.  When the kids were little we had a strict no rug under the table rule as it seemed silly.  There was always something that needed to be cleaned up or scrubbed after meals. That is obviously no longer the case, and if the rare piece of something falls I don't think it even hits the ground before that sneaky beagle catches it.  She is honestly better than any cordless vacuum.

I am thrilled with the space and love the new feel it has.  I worked from the kitchen table yesterday just to be able to enjoy the feel of the rug under my feet.  The backyard is completely in bloom and the birds are everywhere enjoying the spring temperatures and the sunshine.  It was just glorious.

Make sure you check out the other bloggers and their rug choices for their homes.  I have no idea what anyone else chose so I am super excited to read their posts.  I love that a number of us can be given the same task and yet it always looks so very different when its done. If you are looking for me today I will be drinking extra coffee and lounging at the breakfast table enjoying the new to us space and the stunning new rug.  I am sure Millie will be at my feet enjoying it as well.

I am thrilled to share that Mohawk Home is giving away a rug so that you, too, can refresh a space in your home. To enter head to their website here. The Mohawk Home Spring Home Area Rug Giveaway runs from April 25 to May 9, 2019 and includes one 8x10 area rug for three different winners.  The winner will be notified 10 days after the giveaway ends.  Make sure you enter, this is such a great chance to win something amazing for your home.  I absolutely love our Mohawk Home rug!!

Happy Thursday!

I partnered with Mohawk Home on this sponsored post.  As usual all the opinions and thoughts are my own. And to add in, Millie completely agrees!


  1. All of this color makes my heart so happy! Your breakfast nook is gorgeous!!

  2. that rug is absolutely perfect in your space!!!

  3. Millie is the best Spring accessory EVER! Love her sweet little face...and the rug, too

  4. I have to say I'm in love with the rug! It has all the feels of spring season. I too got me an amazing dhurrie rug made of jute & cotton from, perfect for summers as I live in India.



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