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Botanical Giddy

As we all know I love supporting the small businesses, the ones who support me, and all of them. Since I am a small business I  understand the demands and worries and fears and excitement that comes with it all.  I have heard many times that every single time a small business makes a sale, whether it be a purchase or a service, a real person does a dance and this is so very true.  When I get an email asking to work together I get so excited and do a little dance myself.  I am sure now you are picturing me in my Joy pajamas, hair up, glasses on and coffee cup in hand doing the jig in my office.  You would be 100 percent correct.

What I love even more than supporting small businesses is when a business I love and adore releases new amazing items.  Items that are so good you want to share it with everyone you know, which is what I get to do today.  When this news came across my computer I literally may have screamed OMG YES out loud because these products are that good. Think of this as your morning text from me with the best new happy on the market, because that is exactly what I am doing. My text to you says this ... "Giddy Paperie has new botanical products and is introducing a new business as well! Oh, happy day!!"

My friend Leslie has created a fabulous new line of products, all with a fabulous botanical theme.  As a long time collector of botanical prints she made the decision to create a line of her own.  Since I too love a botanical I was thrilled when she shared the news.  The newly debuted Tortoise and the Hare Botanical Collection is described by Leslie as botanicals with a twist, as she has added a watercolor tortoise trim to each print. As always, Leslie's work is fabulous.  I have one set of antique botanical prints I paid so much for and I am so excited to find this new source for the same feel of prints at such reasonable prices.  Botanical prints are timeless and I truly believe you will adore these as much as I do, the only hard part being which ones do you choose.

Do you see what I mean, they are so fabulous!!

There are four botanical prints and each of them are available in two sizes, 8x10 and 11x14.  Each print is numbered and signed and come unframed so you can choose exactly how you wish to display them in your home. The prices are so good ($24 + $36) you could order a number of them and create a fabulous gallery wall in your kitchen, living room, dining room or even bedroom. How fun would it be to use the same two prints a number of times? I love them all but I think I am extra partial to the ferns and tulips.  As I mentioned they come unframed but I love the frames Leslie has chosen to adorn them in the photos ... which you can find at Amazon.

Gold bamboo for the win! 

In addition to prints you can also order mugs and coasters with these beautiful designs.  Leslie's mugs are one of my favorite things she creates as they are always so beautiful and make my morning coffee time so much prettier. This mug, with my favorite citrus, has caught my eye for sure.  These darling coasters are coming soon from Chez Vignette and are $24 for a set of 4. 

Oh yes Chez Vignette ... Leslie has partnered with her best friend Laurie to start a darling business that combines Leslie's wonderful art and home items with Laurie's decorating skills and amazing vintage finds. Leslie and Laurie met their first day of college and have been best friends ever since.  Both amazing kind and talented women I can not wait to see this amazing idea grow into a flourishing business. With a website + product filled pop ups this new venture is so much fun.  I love best friends working together using their combined talents, it is just so much fun!!

Head to Giddy Paperie to check out all the new items available in the Tortoise and the Hare Botanical Collection and stay tuned for more information on her new venture, Chez Vignette.  I am so excited for both ... and if we were still texting I would tell you that I got two of the botanical prints ... tulip + fern and two matching mugs, but I want it all! 

Happy Friday ... 

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