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Easter Basket Shopping

I love Easter.  Not only is it the first real holiday of spring, but we are celebrating the resurrection of our Savior.  Is there any better reason to celebrate?  Since the children were very little we have always separated Basket Saturday and Easter Sunday for a number of reasons. First ... they always had egg hunts on Saturday and would need their baskets and secondly, it made it easier to separate the two events for us and for them.  There is nothing harder, or crazier, than finding a basket full of happies and candy and hidden eggs hours before having to pull yourself together and head to church.

I didn't come up with this amazing idea, I took it from another mother at church in my Mother's Club.  The same mother who suggested I give the kids three gifts each Christmas, just like baby Jesus.  Basically she made my life so much easier, I recommend taking advice from a seasoned mother any time you can.  When I was super little my grandparents made baskets for my cousin and I and they were bigger, taller not larger, than we were.  I loved all the little happies inside and hunting eggs in a pretty little dress with new shoes was truly the best.  I remember the big gold egg and then noticing that my cousin seemed to find one as well, oh the little tricks we play to make everyone feel special.

And can we chat candy?  I am a Peeps girl, always have been.  I have one child that agrees with me and the rest hand them right over if they spot them in their baskets.  I do not care for malted milk balls and most of the new jellybeans, just fill mine with Hershey's chocolate eggs, all the peanut butter eggs you can manage, and a chocolate bunny or two.  I spotted some yummy salted caramel bunnies last week and those are most definitely making an appearance at our house.  The sugar eggs that were large and pastel colors and individually wrapped still scare me to this day ... and I still tear up at a Russell Stovers nest ... although I swear they used to have tiny eggs inside.  Didn't they?

When I was planning our Easter celebration I realized I truly missed opening a basket.  Surely I am not the only one, right?  So with that thought I put together a grown up girl basket shopping list for anyone who wishes to leave me a basket when they fill the kids. 😉 I have already shopped for the kids baskets and with the exception of a few special things I snagged it all at World Market.  I spotted a great selection last month and just went ahead and made it happen.  I guess that would be one more reason to fill a basket ... maybe a reward for being so ahead of the game?

Yes I am reaching!!

Here you go ... such goodies that any lady would love to find stocked into their basket!


  1. Please share where you found that adorable Easter basket.

    1. It was a fabulous find from Pier One, but I quickly found out it was not available when I posted it, I am so sorry to respond so late to you! xo

  2. Thanks for the information. Maybe next year!



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