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12 Happies du Jour

image by Angie Webb Creative

I think I say this every single week, but this is my favorite blog day.  I collect little tidbits all week long to share with you today and I am usually bursting with excitement when I sit down to compose this post.  It may seem silly, but to me it feels like I am sitting around with my besties sharing a ton of new things I found or fabulous things I just purchased.  I do really Tuesday blog posts!

Today is no different, so many fun things to share, I usually have a favorite item or two, but today I love them all!

image by Angie Webb Creative

How cute is this nightshirt?  I love the colors and the lemons are just so perfect for this time of year.  I loved it the minute I spotted it on Instagram.  The print comes in a nightshirt, bottoms only and a two piece set and you can order them all here.  I love that the bottoms come in a darling bag ... they would be perfect to add to an Easter basket!  So cute!! 🍋

Oh, and mani is on the books for tomorrow!  #notcute

This little trick for keeping your dishwasher clean is brilliant.  I found it on one of my favorite blogs ... Emily Clark.  I am pretty anal about cleaning my dishes before they go into the dishwasher so the first two things on the list don't work for me, but the last one is amazing. I tried it yesterday and it was the easiest thing to add to my morning routine.  I suggest running it right after you unload it so it doesn't interfere with needing it later.

Not only do I read blogs of people I admire and friends I follow, I also buy great things they share.  In the last month I have snagged a pair of shoes + a toiletry organizer  (from Mallory), an egg steamer (from Cassie), an ice roller (from Grace), amazing leggings, a silicone scrubber + four books (from Ashley) and a laptop webcam cover (from Carly).  Yep, I too swipe up and really enjoy the simplicity of shopping what I want from those I adore.

P.S. ... are you following me in the app?  It is so easy to download + follow and makes it so easy for you to shop things I share!

I love following The Preppy Hostess on Instagram and reading all of her amazing recipes online.  She is so talented and so darling and I highly recommend you follow her as well.  This bagel board is genius and I will be making one the next time we have a family getaway or I host brunch.  I loved reading all about her Bridal Shower at The Alfond Inn, one of my favorite places to stay when I head home to Florida.  Isn't she darling?

I spotted this product at Target a few weeks ago while shopping.  I am thrilled to see Secret making an aluminum free deodorant.  I have been using it since I bought it and I really like it.  Aluminum is added to clog your pores and keep you from sweating, but it isn't something you really want.  Do some research for yourself, but trust me, you need to make the switch to a natural option.  Way to go Secret!

I bought these for our table on Sunday ... I can't wait to add ribbon and names to them.  Aren't they darling?  I am using all my new delegation tips from this post to make our Easter Sunday as easy as possible.

Yep, I am still dying over my new Walmart obsession.  I was looking for some art for a room I am finishing (coming soon) and Drew Barrymore's new collection with Walmart is really good.  I shared a few weeks ago that I had fallen in love with this headboard and I am still dying over it. Isn't it so good??  I have linked all my favorites from the collection below. I am telling you ... you need to start shopping their website. I am training myself to check it first when I need something and I am always surprised when I find exactly what I am looking for and at a great price!

Monogram Jack Rogers have been on my wish list for years!  I got an email the other day suggesting that these are perfect for Mother's Day and I completely agree.  How cute would they be wrapped up to give your mama.  Order them quickly so they will be ready in time.  Personally I love the navy + white and the pink + white.  So cute!

I shared the news the other day that I add a few drops of Young Living Lavender Oil to my mascara to help them grow.   A number of you have commented and asked what was different.  I really love how full they seem and I will continue to use the combo.  When I was researching the benefits of the lavender oil I found this recipe for a DIY eyelash growth serum.  I am thinking of trying it and mixing it in an empty mascara tube as they suggest.  You can buy one here, along with the sweet almond oil + castor oil. I would recommend using Young Living oils only that close to your eye as they are therapeutic and will have a very low chance of causing any allergic reactions.

Heads up ... this shop on Etsy is the best!  I love all of Leslie's embroidery designs.  She sent me a darling towel which lives in our bar and it is so amazing.  I have this design (navy + light blue) but I recommend so many of them I have included below.  Favorite this shop ... it is one to shop repeatedly.

I am working on making iced lattes at home to perfect my favorites before summer vacation.  I love a good iced latte and it is my favorite treat to get while I am out and about, but they do add up.  Since we have an Nespresso + some yummy syrups I am working on figuring out my favorite combination.  The one above was a nonfat lavender latte with just one pump of syrup.  I don't love my coffee sweet, so one pump works perfectly for me. I have been adding oat milk to my coffee so I am playing with oat milk + vanilla and I would love to try lavender as well. I found this recipe to make your own syrup, I may give it a try. Any great combos you love?

Have the best day ... hope it includes the best iced latte!


  1. I enjoy your Tuesday posts, too. I have been doing the vinegar in the dishwasher thing for years after a repairman suggested it to me. I also do a vinegar wash in the washing machine even though we use an organic system to do our laundry. (I have a post on that coming soon.) Take care.

  2. I use vinegar in rinse container in dishwasher and add it to load of laundry as fabric softener. No chemicals.
    So hapoy I found your blog. I love color too!

    1. What a great tip, thank you for sharing it with me. I love chemical free tips! xo

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.



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