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Pink + Palm

As we all know I am completely obsessed with all things pink + green and have been almost my whole life.  I think it is the girly part of me paired with the prep + a little bit of growing up in the 80s and 90s when preppy was at the highest point.  Add in some navy and gingham and grosgrain and I might just dance all day.  When I spotted Barrington Gifts newest patterns I knew immediately that I needed some palm print in my life.  I travel a lot and I always have a Barrington bag (or two) with me.  I absolutely love my plaid tote, but I was sure this palm print would make all my spring and summer traveling even more fun.

The St. Charles Yacht tote is the best for traveling.  You can use it for all your necessities if you are traveling by car and as your carry on if you are leaving on a plane.  It is so roomy and will hold more than a weekend worth of clothes + toiletries for me.  With all the large pockets inside I can add it anything I need for whatever adventure is calling my name.  In the top of the bag I add the cosmetic bag which is perfect for either makeup or jewelry.  When I arrive at my destination I can pull out the cosmetic bag and leave it in the bathroom ready for getting ready each day.

Two of my favorite pieces from Barrington are the eyeglass case + the accessory case.  I leave both of these pieces in my purse for use every day.  I use the eyeglass case to hold my readers and sunglasses, which ever is not on my face at that moment.  I have found that if I trade them out I never lose either when I need them.  The accessory case is so good to me.  It contains a lot.  At the moment it is holding the following ... a hair tie, bobby pins, two small bottles of pain relief (migraine sufferer), three lipsticks, a travel toothbrush, six different lip gloss tubes + last weeks earrings that were making me crazy.  I keep this bag stocked at all times for all the needs.  You just never know what you will need while you are out, it is the mother in me.

Ps ... how darling are these sunglasses?

My next trip is less than two weeks away and I will be both flying and driving.  I will pack the tote as my carry on and then I can add a lot more to it when I am done flying and ready to drive home.  I love the size and the open top, I can fill it to the brim.

I love to travel wearing something comfortable yet cute so I don't have to change before hitting the ground running.  For me that is usually a comfortable pair of shoes + white jeans + a cute top.  I get really cold on the plane and I don't like to worry about being too chilly.  Also, I really believe looking presentable on the plane is always a good thing.  I have worn leggings and cute tennis shoes many times and I am good with that too.  My thought is this ... you paid for a seat on the plane (never cheap) and we should always dress for success!

Oh, and who doesn't love the sight of an Uber when you are heading out?  I love not worrying about parking at the Atlanta airport.  If you have been here you get it ... security is bad enough, don't add in the crazy parking lots.

I can not share this piece of information enough ... Barrington Gifts is a great resource for yourself and for gifts.  I love this set of three items for so many ideas.  They are perfect if you have a graduate you need to gift.  Also, Mother's Day ... she will be giddy when she sees these pieces personalized just for her.  Father's Day ... bam!  They can be so hard to buy for at times. And birthdays ... you could add to his or her collection for many special occasions.  I love all the patterns even though this one may be my favorite!

I have added in all my favorite pieces for you below.  If you have a traveler you need gifts for this is the best place to shop. Out of the country traveler ... add in a passport cover + baggage handle wrap + luggage tag.  We used this trio for our trip to Haiti and it was so helpful to find our things in the chaos.

Happy Friday ... and happy Easter weekend!  

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  1. Wish you would link your shoes! Love them! Stubbs or dupes?



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