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Callie's Hot Little Biscuits

I have told you many times I am not one who feels confident in the kitchen.  I have plenty of things I make and know they are great, but all in all I am not a kitchen master.  My husband, however, is fantastic at every single thing he does in the kitchen and outside on the grill.  When we first started dating I told him I would make him dinner thinking I would make lasagna, the one meal I knew I could make and do it well.  He, instead, insisted he would cook for me and honestly, the rest is history.  He is an amazing cook and finds it so relaxing to cook for all of us.  The man makes homemade bread, the best pizza dough, can grill chicken and fish like a pro, and even makes the most incredible cupcakes.  We have been married almost 24 years and he still does most of the cooking in the house.

A few years ago after eating my first Callie's biscuit I made a vow to myself that one day I would master the art of making homemade biscuits.  I think it is important to be able to master a few things you can make time and again for your family. I wanted to add biscuits to my list of things I made for my family along with Salisbury Steak, Brunch Eggs, Sundried Tomato Burgers, and any board that contains cheese, fruit and crackers. Biscuits have always seemed so hard to make, but I was determined to give it my best effort.

It was such a treat to learn more about Carrie Morey at the most recent The Southern C Summit.  She shared all about her business, her thoughts about juggling family + a thriving business, and how to handle a bad day.  She recommends a stiff martini and a good nights rest, which I think may be the best idea for every single bad day.  Once again, I added "learn to make biscuits" to my to do list, but this time I was more determined than ever to master the art of an amazing biscuit.  Every single bite of one of Callie's Biscuits is better than the last.  They are light, fluffy, and honestly, the best biscuits I have ever tasted. I was thrilled when Callie's team reached out to ask if I would like to attend their brand new biscuit making class.  Were they reading my mind?  I think I responded in all caps and then quickly noted the date on my calendar and asked a group of friends to join me. I was truly so very excited!!

I honestly can not describe the fun we had.  Carrie and two of her darling girls joined us for a biscuit making lesson at the Atlanta location.  She was so amazing, and so patient with each of us sharing her love for hand made biscuits.  She taught us, step by step, to make the same biscuits her mother made for her when she was young.  It was truly fantastic.  Almost every single thing I thought would be involved in biscuit making was completely debunked.  I learned it was easier than I thought, incredibly relaxing, and so much quicker than I ever thought it would be.  With my hands full of batter and a tray full of hand cut biscuits I felt so amazing, as if I had mastered one of the items on my ever growing bucket list.

How to make hand made biscuits ... 

We all finished the class feeling like Hot Little Biscuits!  With boxes of hot biscuits, bags of frozen varieties, lots of fun items and the know how to make hand made biscuits for our families it was truly such an incredible and laughter filled evening.

My darling friend Mary and I just had to have a photo in our fancy aprons, which is the way we both prefer to cook.  Of course, since cooking isn't our specialty neither of us cook make it without busting out laughing at our use of the honey dipper.  If you give two bloggers a pan of warm biscuits we will surely turn it into something crazy!!  🤣 But ... can we talk about the amazing aprons from Haute Hostess ... they are fabulous!!

Mary Huddleston, Jill McKenzie, Claudia Floyd, Carrie Morey, Me, Sonya Herren, Kristi Ferrick + two of Carrie's precious daughters

Seriously, one of the most fun nights I have had.  I loved so many things about it, learning to make biscuits being the best part.  Any night surrounded by friends, being creative, laughing, and eating the best food is one I would call perfection.

Callie's Biscuits is now hosting biscuit classes to the public.  They will host one class per city per month.  I highly recommend you go and take your spouse or your friends, or both.  We had the best time and it was so amazing to learn how easy it is to make something that I was sure was so very hard to master.  Carrie is darling, and so kind.  She is funny and so incredible.  Her business is to share her mother's biscuits with all and to make small batch hand made biscuits available to the masses.  You can purchase a hot little biscuit at one of her locations or frozen at a participating retailer.  When you sign up for a class use the code PAIGEMINEAR for 15% off one ticket!

For more information on Carrie you can read this piece over on The Southern C blog and stay tuned for a second blog post with Carrie coming soon.  I have details about her first location, her book and fabulous Q + A and even more images from our wonderful evening.

Happy Thursday ... make sure you add biscuits to your menu for the weekend!

All images by Angie Webb Creative


  1. Yum! And what a great skill to master!

  2. You had me at BISCUIT...but then I peeked at the Callie's Atlanta menu and they have MINT iced tea. Yes, please! Also, love a man who likes to cook. That's the way we roll at our house, too. :)

    1. The mint tea is so very good, a must have every single time I go. I highly recommend ordering a french press coffee, they make the best! xo



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