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12 Happies du Jour

I think one of the main reasons I love these Tuesday posts is that I kind of love to shop.  I mean, I am a woman and shopping is kind of fun for all women but I do think it is extra fun.  I also love suggesting gift ideas for others when they ask. So this post fills all those fun things ... virtual shopping + suggestion requests all in one.  Such fun ... 

Remember in March when I co-hosted candle making classes with Candlefish?  I have a round up post for you coming very soon.   A little Q+A along with so many photos.  The candle above is not one of the candles I made but one I purchased while I was there.  It smells sooo good and is very similar to the Volcano candle.  I love that it is a safe option for something I really love, candles in our home. Do you see the matches in the photo?  Those are my Annechovie matches she made for me and I just love them.  I love displaying them and hopefully soon may be adding them in to a custom candle for marketing mailers.  They are soooo me.

Did you see this news?  I love Nancy Drew and I tell the kids all the time that I read every book more than once as a middle school and even in high school.  I was a major nerd and stayed home from most parties reading in my room.  Yep ... it's so true.  I will be glued to the screen when its released.

Was anyone else glued to the Met Gala red carpet?  I am always obsessed with dresses on the red carpet, as everyone goes all out, and most definitely for this event.  I did some research on the yearly fundraiser and was so fascinated by its history.  I am toying with doing a whole post on it with a lot of the information I uncovered, I found it so interesting.  A few of you recommended I watch The First Monday in May and that is on my list to watch.  I love all things fashion related and I know it will be so amazing!

Amazon sells houses?  This news is so cool.  I love that you can buy a house + construct it in no time.  You could purchase it for your primary home, vacation home, guest home or a fabulous home for older parents on your property.  I think this is amazing!

Need a graduation happy for you to wear or to give to your girl?  I am completely obsessed with this beyond beautiful necklace.  You can wear it long or I double it and let the monogram show.  It is so very pretty!! I have worn it a few times since it came and I think my favorite way is with all white with just the peek of the gold monogram showing off.

I spotted this dresser while I was walking into Trader Joes for blush roses on Thursday.  It is good, like really good.  I also saw a smaller yellow one, which is perfect for between two beds or as side tables in your bedroom.  oh, and hello navy!  Then I did some research and realize I missed this whole collection being released.  Its really good, as in SO fabulous!

ps.  The flower selection is always so good at Trader Joes!!

I have loved my new Barrington pieces ... and all the my new Beautycounter lipsticks as well.  I filled my new cosmetic case with a few new spring lipsticks and I have loved them all. I recommend the Twig, Petal and Rose, they are so pretty!

I am super excited to see that the Flawless in Five set now includes Dew Skin as an option.  The Dew Skin is one of my favorites from BC along with the Brow Gel you can also choose. These six ingredients are so great and help me create a fabulous look every single day in less than five minutes. I love wearing Dew Skin which is a great option for coverage and includes sunscreen. 

I am attending a super fun event at Draper James on Saturday and I will be wearing this dress.  It is so comfortable and fits really well and I am thrilled to be joining my friend Emily Pope Harris at the event showcasing her fabulous art.  While I was in the shop I bought this shirt + this shirt and I am dying to grab these pants as well.  The chambray is so soft and feels so good on, the best kind of fabric.  Come join me and meet Emily ... and shop with 15% off.  It will be so fun!

And how cute is this tote ... its perfect for summer and all the trips to the pool.

Oh, and speaking of pool weather, the J.Crew swim collection is killing it.  There are so many amazing selections and the seersucker and rickrack is speaking to me.  There are so many good options and I honestly could take one of each please ...

I am pretty sure this top is ideal for summer ... get it before it sells out just like my favorite dress did.  

Have the best Tuesday ... 

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  1. I had an “unhappy “ today when I went to Trader Joe’s and they told me they are discontinuing their Korean BBQ sauce—I made your pork tenderloin crock pot bbq recipe and my family was hooked. So unhappy. The search is on for another brand....



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