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Ladies Who Lunch ... & Collaborate

As you all well know I am a huge fan of all things created by my darling friend Taylor Miller Turner.  Taylor kills it as a business owner and honestly in all areas of her life as she is so intentional in her work and creativity. Honestly I think that is the best word to describe my friend.  She is intentional as a child of God, intentional as a wife (she is a newlywed!), intentional as a creative and business owner and definitely intentional as a friend and colleague.  Recently to celebrate her collaboration with Dixie Design Collective she hosted a darling Mother's Day Brunch at the Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek in Dallas.

I have had the pleasure of working with Dixie Design in the past and I can tell you from experience and from personal knowledge Dixie Design only works with the best of the best and this collaboration came as no surprise to me at all.  How darling are Taylor + Jennifer Hunt?  These are two amazing and incredibly creative women and their collaboration is truly so reflective of both of them.

The Chinoiserie Garden collection includes a trio of Hazen & Co. bracelets + a large collection of beautiful paper goods ranging from invitations to note pads and every single thing in between. Dixie worked with one of their talented artists, Shanna Masters, to create the stunning chinoiserie which appears on the beautiful pieces.  You can shop the Chinoiserie Garden collection here, the bracelets were perfect for Mother's Day gifts, and have since sold out.

Not that any of us need a reason to lunch, but the collaboration was the perfect excuse to gather incredible business owners and either mothers or expectant mothers and celebrate friends, colleagues and show off their hard work for the amazing launch. As usual, every single thing Taylor creates is not missing one single detail.  As you can see in the images below ... the table, the people, the product and the details are perfection.

I am not sure what is more stunning ... the presentation of the bracelet box alone or matched with Taylor's dress in the background.  Just gorgeous!

I always love to peek at Taylor's bracelet stacks, she always pairs such beautiful pieces to create the most amazing arm parties.  I have a trip on the books to see her next month and I need to up my bracelet stash.  I spy a few that are dying to come home with me.

As usual I am incredibly inspired by Taylor and her amazing pieces and shoots and this luncheon has inspired me so coming into the summer months.  I can tell you I am now dying to fill a birdcage with florals and to combine my gardenias from the yard with lemons and greenery.  Isn't that a perfect match?  Oh, and I most definitely feel I need to mix in some rose medallion, as the bowl of lemons is giving me all the summer feels. 

I hope your Thursday is fabulous ... I may have to set a table this evening after the stunning images of this one.  Maybe some orange and rose medallion? 

Yes please ... 

Images via Hazen & Co. 

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