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Prepping For Sunny Days

The sun is out and summer is on and I could not love it more.  With the return of summer comes the responsibility of sun protection for all those days of summer adventures.  I love the sun just as much as I always have, but I take the damage the sun can do seriously, honestly more seriously than ever before.  When my husband was diagnosed with cancer last April we had to make our rounds for all the checks for his whole body and one of those appointments was to a dermatologist to check out some spots on his chest.  According to the American Cancer Society more people are diagnosed with skin cancer than all other cancers combined. One in five people will be diagnosed with some sort of skin cancer by the age of 70 which makes all of us vulnerable and all of us responsible for safe skin care.  Having spent so much time in an oncologists office I am passionate about helping you in any way I can.  The word cancer in any form is frightening and any tips + tricks I can share to help you never hear that word for you or anyone you love.

There are so many great, and easy, ways to protect your skin while you are out and about.  I am fair and freckled and I have to be extra careful with both of these issues.  Both my mother and my grandfather have needed spots treated over the years and since they too were fair and freckled I need to take extra care.  I wear sunscreen every day but honestly it isn't enough and I have some great tips + products to help you, and me, be more diligent about safe sun time.

Sunscreen ... 

The best way to protect your skin is with sunscreen.  Since walking outside the house exposes us to the sun we need to wear sunscreen every single day.  And since we are putting the sunscreen directly on our skin it needs to be safe for our body.  Honestly, it doesn't do any good to wear sunscreen that is not safe for our skin. Since the skin is the largest organ on our bodies we need to make sure that the products we use are safe for our skin. There are a number of sunscreen companies that sell safe products and my favorite is Beautycounter.  I have been using BC for a year now and truly love the products.  I wear a combination of sunscreen products daily and have found they work beautifully for me keeping me protected all day every day.

As part of my morning routine I wear Dew Skin.  I love that it helps to keep me safe and provides a great base for my makeup.  I also wear this sunscreen on the rest of my body.  It is light and doesn't make me feel like I am lathered up at the beach for the day like some products can, yet it protects not only just as good, but better. We own the lotion, the mist for the days at the pool and the stick for faces.  Putting on sunscreen as a morning practice is new for me but it has become second nature.  I love the feeling that I am doing all I can to keep my skin safe and, hopefully, the damage at bay.

Hats ...

The best and easiest way to protect your face is with a hat.  Whether it be a baseball hat at a sports event or a larger hat at the pool, lake, or beach, a hat instantly adds protection for your face.  I am convinced I don't look the best in a baseball hat, but I still wear them.  My husband disagrees making me think he is the best once again. Last year I received a Barbara Cobb Sun Hat from the darling owner and instantly fell in love.  Barbara's hats are custom made allowing you to design the hat to your liking.  Mine is pink (duh) and the monogram makes me oh so happy.  The hats are UPF 50+ so you can be confident that you are extremely protected when you need to be.  They are perfect for the pool, the lake, the beach and any day you find yourself out in the sun for an extended period of time.  I cannot say this enough ... I love my Barbara Cobb hat and highly recommend you order one for yourself!

If a colorful monogram hat isn't your thing I have some other great options for you to look at.  I do love a woven hat and I try to pack one for every single trip.  You never know what you will encounter when you travel and being prepared is the best plan for me.  I have linked all my favorites for you below.

SPF Clothing ...

When we went to the beach in July I made the mistake of not packing any bathing suit tops. I don't know how that happened but it was a super bad plan.  I did, however, pack this shirt in both stripes and solid.  Not only were these shirts lifesavers but they also completely sold me on wearing clothing with sun protection.  I came home with a noticeable line on my neck where the shirt began and I did not add any sunscreen under it.  I was sold. We were at the beach in July in Florida for hours and I was perfectly safe.  What a great feeling and fabulous discovery and one I have to share with all. The exact top I own (which can also be monogrammed) is on sale for $24 + $29 (normally $40 + $50) at the moment.  I own both the solid navy and the navy stripe and I honestly need to order more.  The teal is really fab and would look great with all of my swim bottoms.

In my research for this post I found the largest source of great SPF clothing (I don't know what else to call them) I found that Cabana Life + Lilly have the biggest selections to chose from. Not only are they safe to wear, but they are all sooo cute.  The selections were so big and I picked all of the best of the best!

There is no guarantee for keeping sun damage at bay but we can all do a much better job at making sure we are safe for all the days and all the things. With the warmer months it requires a lot more work to make sure the long days in the sun don't harm us. There are so many amazing products on the market and it is becoming so much easier to make safe choices.  I intend to enjoy every single day in the sun, but protect my body and my skin as best I can while doing it.

Happy Thursday ... I hope the sun is shining on you today!

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