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Creative Candles Summer Collection

I am so very excited to announce a super fun collaboration I have been working on for a few months. As you know I absolutely love Creative Candles.  I love their tapers and absolutely love using them on tables, on our porch, and in every single candle holder in my home.  Their color selections are fabulous and you can choose everything from a 9 inch taper to a 24 inch taper, votives, pillars and every single thing in between.  Their selection is crazy good!!  I was asked by Creative Candles to be the ambassador of their Summer Collection and I have the curated collection to share with you today.  All of the candle in the colors that feel like summer to me and a variety of sizes for you to use all summer long. The Summer Collection includes candles in a showcase of cool blues, vibrant oranges and neutral pinks to match perfectly with all your summer entertaining needs. 

Have I mentioned I work at my dream job lately? 

For me summer means so many things because it is my favorite time of the year.  Since I grew up in Florida summer gives me all the Florida feels.  It is hot, the days are long, the citrus fruits and flowers are plenty, trips to the ocean are on the calendar and the porch living has no end.  I chose colors for this collection based on all of those things, which just happen to be my favorite parts of summer.  The collection includes five colors ... barely blush, navy, white, aquamarine and mango, all of which are perfect for your summer entertaining.  I loved curating this collection with Creative Candles and the day it arrived was the best, it almost felt like summer in a box. It didn't take me more than about twenty minutes to begin planning how I would use each of the candle colors and combinations.

Have I mentioned I am thrilled?

In the past I have only used the 12 inch tapers so I was super excited to see my box had more than one taper size, including the stunning 24 inch tapers. I have a perfect use for those 24 inch tapers, they will be incredible gathered on a table ... don't you agree?  I love the barely blush votives ... they are such a pretty color and are so easy to add into all sorts of decor and entertaining needs.  The white pillar candles have already found a home on both the front steps and the porch and I can't wait to show you how we are using them ... cue all the romantic evenings after sunset please and thank you!  Next, the mango candles ... perfect for every single citrus loving piece of my heart.  And last, but never least, the aquamarine and navy ... oh the perfect colors and the best match for all those blue and white events.

It took me less than an hour to pull together the first table using my new candles and I was happy to set up our table for Mother's Day weekend.  I just loved the barely blush so much I wanted to use it first. Stay tuned next week for the full table and all the details.

You can shop the collection here and read all about the creation of the candles here.  If you have never used this company I can tell you that you will love them.  The options are incredible and you will find they make the best candles for your tables, your home and any event you have planned.

I am absolutely thrilled for this partnership and have such fun content coming to showcase the Summer Collection.  What a fun way to begin summer ... don't you think?

Happy Friday!

Images by Angie Webb Creative

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