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Entertaining For July Fourth

The goal for my time at Hazen & Co. was to speak on entertaining and, more specifically, for July 4th.  When Taylor and I set up the event I pulled together three different things I could share to make entertaining for one of my favorite holidays easier.  I shared three different things, how to create a red, white + blue charcuterie board, a fun punch to serve, and two ideas for a centerpiece.  I love all three of these things since I am the one who is responsible for these things when we have people over.  My husband is a master at the grill and loves to cook so he delegates the table, the drinks and the decor to me.  It works out perfectly and we consider it a win, win.

A huge bonus for me was the addition of Kate Hersch with a August Morgan pop up shop.  Kate brought her darling clothes + fabulous cheeky cocktail napkins for attendees to shop.  It was so fun to be with both Kate and Taylor, two women I adore and admire so much.  Plus ... it was another opportunity for me to wear all of my August Morgan dresses.  I never need a reason, but I will most definitely rise to the occasion when I know I will be see her.  This was the first real event hosted at the brand new Hazen shop and I feel so honored she chose it to be with me.  Taylor and I met a few years ago and have worked together a number of times and my love and adoration with her grows with every single day.  She is talented, kind, humble and so very easy to work with.  I will always say yes when she asks me to work with her or to come to Dallas.  I was thrilled to make this trip and super excited to be able to bring along my cute assistant, Anna Grace.  We had the best time!

First we started with the delicious Summer Rosé Punch.  I am a firm believer in creating a special drink for guests.  My goal is always to have people feel special and serving a signature drink is always so fun and will remind your guests of their time with you when they serve it again.  I always share the recipe, so they can create it at home for their friends and family.  This recipe started with my new favorite rosé and, of course, fresh in season fruit.  It was delicious and everyone loved it.  And a bonus ... it was pink!

To make the punch ... 

4 cups strawberry lemonade
3 cups regular lemonade
1 cup Cathead Honeysuckle Vodka
1 cup Rosé
Club soda to taste

Garnish with sliced lemons, strawberries and mint.  I add a ton of mint and I recommend you do the same.  Mint is just heaven in punch. 

There are a couple of reasons I love to make punch.  One, I am doing my best to bring punch back.  All the punch all the time.  Second, it allows you to use a fun container and then guests can serve themselves.  Last, you can make it without alcohol and then it is crowd friendly and then leave spirits off to the side for guests to add in.  I honestly think it is incredibly user friendly.  Let's make all the punch.

Next we worked on the centerpieces.  I ordered hydrangeas from Dollar Hydrangea and blue + white porcelain from The Enchanted Home. I love using hydrangeas while they are in season during the summer and adding flags to anything for July 4th is a good idea.  I made two similar, yet different, arrangements and both would be perfect for a centerpiece, a patio, a bar cart (they were large so they would take up space), a serving table and anywhere you feel like you need some flowers in a fabulous blue and white container.  I ordered a mix of blue and white flowers and both this ice bucket and this pierced planter. Both of the containers were large enough to use in so many different ways after the 4th.  The ice bucket would be ideal for icing drinks (champagne, sodas or water) and the planter is perfect for a fabulous potted plant for your porch or patio.

Lastly I created a charcuterie board.  It wasn't anything over the top, but something very easy to create on the fly or to plan out for when you expect guests.  I chose things that were red, white and blue since we were creating it for July 4th.  I actually made two, one on a rectangle board and one on a circular board. I find amazing boards at a number of different places but two of my favorites are World Market and Home Goods.  You can find amazing boards and not blow your budget.  I also shop at Trader Joes for all my ingredients.

To begin I use three different kinds of cheese.  I next add in a dip, a mix of nuts, a meat or two, a jam or honey (or both), three different crackers and at least two kinds of fruit.  To add garnish at the end I always add fresh rosemary.  It looks so pretty and smells incredible.  I created a simple board but my go to for charcuterie board ideas always comes from either Pinterest (I have a board here you can check out) or Ain't Too Proud To Meg who is a master!!

One of my favorite ways to create a pretty board is to use a variety of bowls and vessels for height, great cheese knives and to add in fun cups and napkins.  My go to for cups and napkins is always Emily McCarthy.  These are stock items for July 4th but Emily is a master at creating just what you want for all your needs.  The cups and napkins Hazen uses are from Emily and every single cup + napkin I own are most definitely hers as well.  She just makes them so fabulous every single time.

More images and details to come from the trip, but I wanted to give you some tips and tricks so you could prepare for your guests. Whether it be family, friends or a combination of both, I truly believe if you make them feel special they will remember their time with you and want to come back again and again.

And that is always my goal ... have the best Tuesday!

Images by Heacox Creative Co. 

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