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Millie Anne ... Six Months Later

I can't even believe it has been a full six months since we adopted our sweet Millie.  I have to remember that this is the same dog I was sure I would not want, that I was sure I would never love another pet the way I did Miles and that no pup would be my best friend again.  I was so wrong on so many levels.  My friend Libbie encouraged me to do it, not think about it, but just do it.  Lawyer had been telling me for weeks we needed to do it and I just couldn't ... I was so heartbroken over the loss of Miles and yet the minute I got out of the car in Columbus to meet her I was a goner. 

This pup is precious and she is sweet and she adores me. She loves all of us but if we are all home she is with me at all times. I can't believe we haven't had her for all of her life.  She is cuddly, a shadow, and truly a plus one.  She loves the car, is food obsessed, and jumps up from anywhere in the house if she thinks she may have heard plastic rustling. She also is so quiet, hardly ever barks (like never) and loves everyone.  I take her everywhere I can with me and she loves to just sit in her car seat and take it all in.

image by Angie Webb Creative

I have never owned a beagle and I can tell you this won't be my last.  I know they are known for barking and howling and she doesn't do either.  She will bark on occasion if she can't find you or if she is stuck somewhere, other than that she makes not a single sound. She likes to walk but she must sniff every single thing on the way.  She loves lacrosse games and is not ashamed to go visit anyone with a snack.  I have to decline all of the parents and siblings from giving in to those big brown eyes.  She can work it for sure. 

What a gift this pup has been to us.  She most definitely healed our hearts and has given us such joy.  We are all completely in love with her and Lawyer is obsessed.  He plays with her every evening when he gets home and she bolts from me the second she hears his footsteps. 

Precious girl you are a gift and I pray we have many years together.  We love you Millie girl.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Awww Sweet Millie Anne. We got our precious Cooper in December as well (after losing our 2 sweet old goldens in about 6 months time-ugh!) and he has been my healer in so many ways! Dogs are the best people I know!! She is precious and I adore Beagles. So glad that she has completed your family!

  2. Your sweet Millie is just beyond precious...I don't think I would get anything done for kissing her sweet little face! We are so unworthy of dogs, but what a gift they are to us!

  3. So sweet! I don't think I'd be able to resist those eyes either.

  4. Millie is beyond sweet - what a beautiful face!!



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