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Our New Guest Room + $500 For You

Our guest room got a fluff, not a major one, but it made some major and fabulous changes to the space we had and I am so happy to get to share it with you today.  I love it so much and I have been feeling strange about this space for so long. It is done and I could not love it more!

So many of the elements of our guest room came together over time but when I partnered with my sweet friend Ashley Brooke (one of my favorite bloggers, like ever) + Frontgate (one of my favorite companies on the planet) things happened pretty quickly.  We both had a room in our house that we felt was in need of a little attention.  She tackled her dining room, you must see it!!, and for me it was this room. We both love Frontgate and teamed up to tackle these rooms + give you $500 to do your own refresh, keep reading!!

Before I get into all the details of our newly completed room I have to tell you this, I am completely in love with this room.  I can't believe that the little changes I made created the room I really wanted.  I love it, love it so much I want to sleep in it, but I won't since we save it for guests.  It feels so good to walk by the room and see it done and so much more than done, it feels perfect.

We had a guest bedroom for years in our basement.  When our oldest graduated from high school and decided to stay home his first two years of college we decided to offer him the basement. It gave him a bedroom, bathroom and living room of his own and give him some space since he was commuting to college and living at home.  As it goes when one thing moves a lot of other things move as well.  Our girl decided she wanted to take over his larger room leaving her old room as our new guest space. We painted the room, moved the furniture into it but, for whatever reason, it never quite pulled together to me, it just seemed like I made it work. It has been four years since we moved the guest room upstairs but it never felt finished. It was fine and more than sufficient, but it just felt not done. When the opportunity presented itself to partner with two of my favorite people to fluff a room I immediately knew the guest room would be perfect.

Although we made these plans and picked out items for our fluffs a few months ago it wasn't until I was prepping to have the room shot that a few of my favorite elements came to be.  I needed them and they were there, and I couldn't be happier.

As long as we have been married the bed in our guest bedroom was the one I had as a child.  It is a beautiful spindle bed and I never want to part with it.  But as a guest bed it didn't provide me with the look I wanted.  I have had a headboard or new bed on the list for so long, but never found what I wanted.  I saw a bunch of things, but they were either so pricey it was crazy or the wrong size, or in some cases, sold out before I got to them. I was shopping at Scott Antique Market the day before Mother's Day at one of my favorite vendors and scored an amazing headboard for a song.  As luck would have it our girl was wanting to trade her headboard for the bed I had at her age and we made the switch leaving the space to move in what I think is the most beautiful headboard in the world.  I just love it and for $75 it will always feel like it was made for me. 

The other magical element was a dresser that I just didn't love and needed to part with.  You know those pieces you just hang on to and need to let go but for some reason just don't?  Yep, that was a dresser for me.  The drawers stuck, it was simple and didn't flow and was taking up space even though no one really uses the drawers in a guest room.  I finally moved it and hung this fabulous botanical triptych in its place.  The art gave room for an antique cedar chest we have had for years and never really had an idea spot for ... which is now perfect to house luggage for our guests. 

Lastly I found the perfect drapes, finally, and the room was ready to be set up for guests. I had my eye on a certain drapery for years and I just couldn't make it work and then after adding the new headboard the dream drapery didn't work at all.  I found these fabulous panels at Ikea, added trim and had them lined and now I think they are even better than the ones I thought I wanted.  Doesn't that always happen?

Honestly I can believe it is done, like really done and I can mark this room off the to do list.  I have made such progress with our house to do list and before long it will be time to think about the outside of the house.   Ps, so not ready for that list.  😩

I love hosting family + friends and I really wanted a space that was comfortable, welcoming and fit right in with the rest of our home but yet was just a little bit more.  I want our guests to want to come back, to sleep really well and to be treated like royalty while they are with us.  I really, really want them to come back ... like a lot.

I love white sheets.  Honestly, with the exception of the girls room, all the bedrooms in the house have white sheets.  I love soft sheets and these 100% Egyptian Cotton sheets are sooo good.  I love the simple white detail, which almost feels like smocking to me. It is so pretty yet simple and I think they are amazing. Frontgate has an incredible selection of items for your bed, I was so surprised to discover the goodness when I was making my decision.  These sheets are so soft, so pretty and so me!  I love the white monogram which is subtle yet a little extra. I choose the Josette monogram, which is style 51.

Even though the room is carpeted I love adding in a rug to a bedroom.  There is something cozy about it and later if we ever trade out our carpet upstairs to hardwoods I will be set with a great rug.  This rug is so pretty and so very soft, I absolutely love it for this room.  And that brass lamp, where do I even begin?  I do not like overhead lighting at all and prefer to fill a room with lamps.  This room had five lamps before and when I removed the dresser I lost two of them.  I really wanted a great light next to the settee so our guests could use it for morning coffee and for reading.  The only option I really had was a floor lamp and I knew immediately which one I wanted to add.  The Miss Porter floor lamp is spectacular, its heavy and the brass shade is sooo good. Those tassels for turning on and off the light may be magical, and I really don't think I have ever seen a better floor lamp.  This light turned out to be the best idea to give me exactly what I wanted and I know it will be used all the time.

It is done, it's really done.  Four years in the making and then a call from my sweet friend Ashley and it is all done.  Just a few more images.  Who am I kidding, a lot more, but I just had to add them all.

Honestly, I think this may be my favorite image of all of them.  It incorporates every single thing I love ... the headboard, the sheets, fresh flowers and so much good blue and white.  I wish I could let you all take a real tour, I am just so happy about this room!

White on white may be my favorite monogram combination, its so classic.

Minear guest room ... check! ✔ 
Bed and Breakfast is open!

You must head to Ashley's blog and check out her dining room.  Both of us had a space that we felt needed some new life and the changes are so fun.  I had the most fun texting and chatting with Ashley about our rooms, the progress and the items we both chose.  Of course, one of the items in my room we both fell in love with, and she was gracious enough to let me keep it.  She is the best, but aren't all besties that way? Isn't the sneak peek of her room so amazing ... wait until you see the rest of it.

We are both so happy with the items we used from Frontgate and have a huge treat to give you a chance to win $500 for your own refresh.  Frontgate has such fabulous and wonderful items and you will love all the amazing pieces you can choose.  Ashley and I are super excited about this partnership and can't wait to shower one of you with $500!!

You can enter below ... the giveaway ends on June 18th-.  Good luck to you all!!  🙌

Happy Tuesday ...

Images by Angie Webb Creative

Sources ... 
Wall Color - Sherwin Williams Julep
Ceiling Color - Sherwin Williams Something Blue
Rug - Frontgate c/o
Botanical Triptych - Frontgate c/o
Monogram Egyptian Sheets - Frontgate c/o
Brass Floor Lamp - Frontgate c/o
Duvet and Shams - Pottery Barn, similar one
Blue Floral Sheets - Ralph Lauren via Homegoods
Embroidery on Shams - Emily McCarthy Shoppe (custom couture monogram)
Orange Velvet Bolster - Custom piece
Headboard - Vintage from Scott Antique Market
Barrister's Bookcases - inherited from my grandmother
Collection of antique silhouettes - some collected, some gifts
Settee - Vintage
Bamboo Chest - Vintage
Side Tables - Antique (Belonged to my In Laws and were their bedside tables)
Bedside Lamps - Homegoods, similar one
Striped Lampshades - Made by me
Reading Lamps - Ikea ( I added trim)
Brass Cord Covers - Amazon
Monkey Sconces - Antiques & Beyond
Blue + White Plates - antiques gathered over time
Small Blue + White Jars - Amazon
Double Happiness Jars - Scott Antique Market
Vintage Needlepoint Pillows - gathered over time, some gifted
Glasses - Emily McCarthy Shoppe
Brass Stool - Antique
Striped Chair - Inherited
Turquoise Bust - PKL The Cellar
Garden Stool - Antique, similar one 
Books - inherited and collected 
Pink Luggage Set - Amazon
Emory Purse - Lisi Lerch c/o


  1. Gorgeous. That headboard was a FIND!!! It looks like it was made for you. I love the big bamboo curtain rods. Do you have a source or are they vintage?? I'd love to know!

  2. SOOOO FUN!!! Love it all! And WANT that door hanger from the Beverly Hills Hotel - can you share where you got that??
    Looks so cozy and such a fun room to stay in!

  3. I love all the details -- I think you could stay in in multiple times and still see something new each time!

  4. Beautiful! I love the new room and the headboard is fabulous.

  5. Love the headboard and the color combinations. Your rooms are fun and colorful and elegant.

  6. Please share the source for bamboo curtain rods! Room is fabulous!

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