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Shopping For Father's Day

It's almost Father's Day and showering our Daddy with love is at the top of our to do list. So many think that the Mother is the heart of the home, and she is, but for us our Daddy is pretty special and deserves all the love and pampering we can manage.  He is just the best and works harder than anyone I know.  He is balancing his life like a master and I could not be more proud he chose me to walk this life together.  I absolutely love the photo above taken by my best friend at our rehearsal dinner ... we were so young and so excited about our new life.

I think shopping for Father's Day is so fun ... do we do just gifts, or gift + an adventure or a special meal, gifts + adventure?  I think the last one is the best plan for us, it sounds like an amazing day for a some family bonding plus a day to spoil the one who takes care of us every single day.  Now ... what kind of adventure.  We have a basketball tournament that weekend that I do not think will go to Sunday, but you never know.  I think we should chose an adventure that can be moved just in case it needs to be.

Clearly I have some brainstorming to do ... maybe a trip to the drive in, a classic movie at a local theater that he would love, a rented Jeep for a trip to Blue Ridge ... oh I have some good ideas brewing.

We have rounded up some amazing gifts for you to peruse ... all perfect for the Daddy who gives his all every single day. This is a great spot for you to check out all things shaving.  Lawyer shaves in the shower but my boys love to shave in front of a mirror and this collection from The Art of Shaving has it all.  I love this BBQ Cooler combo.  It is great for a day at the lake, a trip to your friends house where you are doing the grilling, and is, of course, perfect for the Dads.  I think its fabulous and it contains all you need to grill, tools, supplies + a place for your favorite beverage.  Yes please!!

Here you go ... such good stuff to order for those fathers.  💙


Have the best Friday, cheers to a good weekend for all!


  1. Nice post, Paige. Man oh man, as we get older, those wedding vows become very real, don't they! "In sickness and health, for richer or poorer"... Hope the "father" in your home has a wonderful day. I'm sure he will.Thanks!

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