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Frosé Popsicles ... Yes Please!

It might just be the best day of the year ... it's National Rosé Day.  I love rosé and drink it all times of the year, but summer really is just the best time to enjoy it. It is light, fruity and the pink color makes it even better. How can you say no to the perfect pale pink wine?   On Tuesday I shared a recipe in 12 Happies for a fabulous popsicle recipe and made some for myself to enjoy today. I have never made popsicles before but it was easy and fun and I will be adding homemade popsicles to the summer bucket list just as I have already added ice cream.  It seems silly to say I have never made either before now, but it is true and I will be making up for lost time in the next few months.  It is homemade popsicles + ice cream on repeat at our house for the near future. 

This is the easiest, quickest, prettiest little recipe maybe ever.  I made three separate mixtures with each type of lemonade. I rinsed out my measuring cup after each mixture, but you could also use three different bowls.  I recommend using a measuring cup with a spout as it makes using the funnel so much easier.  You just pour your mixture into each popsicle freezer bag (4 bags per lemonade type) and then freeze. I laid mine flat on a platter and froze them overnight. I didn't want them to get wrinkled and the platter let the kids know these weren't just regular lemonade.  I most definitely did not want anyone getting one by mistake. 😉 It did require more than one bottle of Rosé but I think it was totally worth it, what a fun little treat to make for your friends for the next summer happy hour!!

The only thing left was to enjoy my pretty frosé popsicles. 🙌

Frose Popsicles ...

1/3 cup of Hubert's Lemonade (I bought strawberry, raspberry, and blackberry at Whole Foods)
1 1/3 cups of Rosé (I used Palm by Whispering Angel)

Here are some fabulous Rosé cocktails I picked out on Pinterest that look pretty fabulous and I found the Popsicle recipe here. I also spotted this article on T&C on the 24 best brands to try.  I can tell you that I am a huge fan of the Palm by Whispering Angel, it is delish.  I have added this list to my summer bucket list, I want to try a few of them as the ones I have had on the list ... Whispering Angel, Summer In A Bottle & Miraval are all very good.  

Happy Saturday ... I hope your day is filled with something fabulous.  And let's all celebrate with Rosé all Day!

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