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12 Happies du Jour

Happy Tuesday!  I hope your week is going well, honestly ... I hope it is AMAZING.  My dad is in town and has been helping me with some things on my to do list that always bug me.  You know the ones, you keep moving them from one to do list to the next and they never get managed.  Yes, those!!  So far we have killed it and I have a second day of items that we are already working on.  This may be the best week ever just crossing things off in Sharpie.  Yesterday we tackled everything from gluing items back together (antiques always come with these items) to repairing a piece of glass to having a camera lens repaired.  Good stuff!

I have some great items today for my usual Tuesday round up.  First, I must talk about my amazing collaboration with Hazen & Co. + Elizabeth Wilson Designs.  I love our pieces and I love seeing so many of you loving them as well.  The earrings are so beautiful and I have already worn my EWD Twilly so many times.  I love it in my hair, on my wrist, on my purse ... all the places all the days.  If you haven't gotten one yet you still can.  Shop the Hollis + the Kate here. 

Does anyone else crave avocado toast on the daily? I've mastered my recipe but now I've found a way to make the prep time a bit quicker. I found an avocado and poached egg tool set to help me slice my avocados more efficiently and make my poached egg look like a professional did it. If we're making avocado toast ... why not make it fancy? 

P.S. here's my fave ingredient for my avocado toast! The Trader Joe's Everything but the Bagel Sesame seasoning is a Minear kitchen essential. I love using it on my toast, on eggs, on roasted chicken, or even on roasted veggies. Have y'all tried it?? I also use Dave's bread and swear by it, is there a better bread out there??

How cute are these bumblebee earrings!! Oh and these shell ones (on sale!) and hoops too!

images via

May we PLEASE discuss the Jacquemus Spring 2020 Ready-to-Wear line!!! I mean the pieces are stunning and all but this runway situation has my jaw on the floor. Simon Porte is celebrating his 10th anniversary with his label in a lavender field in the South of France. I feel like I need a pink runway in my life ASAP right about now. 

I'm having some major bag obsession lately and here are some that have been on my radar ...

I am loving this rattan bed paired with these beautiful and timeless linens from Anthropologie. 

I'm a lover of all things tortoise and bamboo and I found this bar tool set that is absolutely fabulous for any home bar or bar cart! All the tortoise please and thank you!!

image via

Have y'all heard about the Enneagram? It is a numerical based personality test. I find it fascinating and so does my assistant. I am a two and she is a one. She found out about it because everyone at her school was talking about it nonstop. Naturally, she became hooked and loves everything Enneagram, but she takes it in doses. She knows that a personality test doesn't define her, but God does. One of her favorite authors has this same perspective and has a podcast called That Sounds Fun and decided to partner with an Enneagram expert  to do a podcast on each number type called Enneasummer 2019. She has the expert summarize the number's basics and stereotypes and then interviews two of her friends (one guy and one girl) that are that podcast's number. My assistant loved it. She listened to her own number's podcast as well as her friends and family's numbers. Here is a link to her website where you can find the podcasts. You can also type in Annie F. Downs into your podcast app on your iPhone and find it there for free as well!

I have been loving these summer shades by Essie. My go to will forever be this OPI shade but I have been drawn to these amazing colors! My assistant's go to's are Essie bubblegum pinks, bright reds, and a deep red or a sparkly navy for winter.

image by Andrea Kinnear Photography

Y'all look at my girl Caroline. I'm obsessed with everything she does but right now I'm focusing on her amazing planners that I have been using for a few years now. It's that time again to get your new one and I highly recommend her's. My assistant has loved her planners for five years now here and here, but her mama is a Sweet Caroline Design Agenda girl just like me.

I'm loving this outfit my assistant put together ...

Have y'all ever read Francine Rivers books? She began as a secular novel writer and when she accepted Christ, she wrote her first book with a Biblical worldview, Redeeming Love. My assistant read it in her book club at school this past spring and cannot stop recommending it to all of her girlfriends. She said it was quite the page turner and unlike any novel she has read. It is a Biblical historical fiction based on the book of Hosea in the Old Testament and paints the most beautiful story of how God never stops loving us and meets us where we are every single time. She recommends you read the book of Hosea at the same time. The parallels are fascinating. She then read Francine's latest novel at the beach, The Masterpiece. It's a modern story about two adults coming from broken homes and how they navigate life on their own. She said it's just as much a page turner too. She cannot recommend it enough you guys! Enjoy!

This article has me dreaming weekend vacays. I may see one in my near future now ...

Have the best day!


  1. I'm a longtime fan of Francine Rivers! Her trilogy "Mark of the Lion" is also a must-read and has had an indelible effect on me. Highly recommended for men as well!

  2. What are those pajamas in the photo? Must have!

    1. They are actually Beaufort Bonnet Wimberly’s. Have them and LOVE THEM!



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