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Beauty Regimen Upgrade

As you all know I love my Beautycounter products. I have used the products consistently now for a year and my skin is completely different than it was a year ago.  I love how it feels, how it looks and how my makeup goes on my skin.  It is so moisturized, looks younger and plumper and is such an improvement from when I began.  I use Beautycounter exclusively as I love using clean, green beauty and makeup.  There is not one ingredient in my beauty products that I am concerned about and that is a great feeling.

I am thrilled with the new release of Countertime.  This collection of products will not only continue the work I have I have been doing on my skin, but will take it to the next level in the best way possible.  The new collection is incredible, has incredible reviews and is perfect for anyone concerned in any way with the condition of their skin.  Honestly, I would recommend it to any one at any age since it is never too soon to be taking better care of your skin.  If only I had known better in my thirties I would be better prepared as I am about to enter my fifties in six very short months.  This news is the best thing to hit the market in the last year or maybe ever ... so get ready to take in all of the incredible information I have to share with you. 

The Countertime collection includes six ah-mazing! products.  You can use them together or just add a few of them to your routine, but I would recommend replacing all of your products over time.  They work well together and every issue you would need for skin care is contained in this six product collection. I am purchasing all six and will begin using them next week and the excitement I feel is out of control. 

The best news I have to share with you is the product line contains a safe replacement for Retinol.  There are so many of you who love their Retinol products, but I hope you will read up on it and the dangers that can come with this ingredient.  You need to make the best decision for you, but I truly believe this collection of products is the safest decision.  You can read all about -- below, I am so thankful for a company that is worried about my safety and the ingredients on the market and I know each one I buy is 100% safe for me.

You can order the collection here, but please send me an email with any question you have .... I am happy to help.  If I don't know the answer I will find it for you. The collection can be purchased separately, but if you chose to purchase the whole set you will save $42 which means you can get the Cleansing Oil for $7.  Win, win!!

Happy Wednesday ... cheers to beautiful skin!!

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