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All The Lilly Please + Thank You

Can you even go to Palm Beach without wearing Lilly Pulitzer?  Is that even allowed?  I know I can't do it and I feel the need to wear a lot of it, buy a piece or two, and make sure I pack all of my favorite older Lilly pieces.  Since this was the first time exploring Palm Beach for my friends I immediately told them to "Pack your Lilly + add "Shop at Lilly" to the agenda. There really isn't any other way to do it.

As I was sitting in the Atlanta airport waiting to board my flight I received an email from the Lilly team asking if I wanted to collaborate.  It took every single restraint I had not to jump up, scream, and shoot off pink confetti cannons. As I typed back as fast as I could I immediately knew I had over packed since I would now want to wear Lilly all day every single day I was gone, but a girl makes do when she needs to and I managed to wear it all ... every single piece I packed. 😉

Caroline and I arrived the evening before the other girls and were up, dressed, with coffee and breakfast ready when the shop on Worth Avenue opened on Wednesday to shop.  We literally could not wait to check out the new collection and pick out our favorite pieces. I am completely in love with the new pieces, and I love the release of older patterns.  We chatted with the girls, tried on so many things and purchased some darling pieces.  I honestly loved it all and could have purchased one of everything.  The new pieces are truly so amazing and one of the best releases I have seen. 

The store is truly gorgeous.  It is larger than most and filled with so many gorgeous elements.  As usual, each of the dressing rooms is different and hand painted by the art team.  They were all gorgeous but the first one, telling the history of Lilly, was hands down my favorite.

Have you ever seen a prettier image?  My sweet friend in this precious two piece set is just so gorgeous and the backdrop of the dressing room just makes it even more amazing.

Caroline and I had the best morning and then after lunch we all returned for photos and more shopping, and a glass of champagne with the fabulous Lilly staff. It was truly so much fun and one of the highlights of the entire trip. Even better a group of the print staff was in town for their quarterly meetings and print planning and it was so fun to see Diff Miller and so many of the girls around town and at The Colony.  There is just something about being in Palm Beach that bring Lilly Pulitzer and her story to life.

A store with a beautiful bar included ... yes please!!

As we set by the pool on Thursday I enjoyed this amazing book and immediately added it to my book wish list.  It is always so fun to read about Lilly Pulitzer and her incredible story and any time I can see more images of her life, her beautiful work and prints is a good day. The book is truly incredible.

We all bought such fabulous pieces that we will remember forever as pieces we chose and purchased for this trip.  I am so sentimental and I will never see any of my pieces and not think immediately of how I wore them, when I purchased them and every single memory. I can't think of a better memento from the week.

Plus being on this magical trip and collaborating with Lilly ... my life has basically been made.  What a dream trip and a dream come true!!


  1. Lilly, Dorothy Draper and Paige who remind us of femininity, beauty, and positive work ethics while embracing all three! Thank you for bringing these to our "blogosphere"!

  2. Totally “pink” with envy!! 😘



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