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Perfectly Palm Beach

We are back at it and I could not be more excited to share this table and this weeks content with you.  My girls (Sweet Caroline Designs + Mrs. Southern Social) and I headed to Palm Beach for a few days, some quality girl time and all the creativity we could make happen.  I was so excited for this trip for a couple of weeks and when it finally came down to the day we were leaving it could not have come at a more perfect time.  The kids were off to camp, Lawyer was busy with work and I needed some girl time and creativity on the road.

And oh did we create.  

We put together a stunning table in the most incredible location, right on the ocean in the most beautiful green space right next to the beach on Ocean Blvd. I was familiar with the area and knew it was stunning but it wasn't until we pulled up that evening that I realized how special and gorgeous it really was, and the perfect spot for an old Florida inspired table.

When we first put together this trip our vision was to truly enjoy Palm Beach in the best way, in the off season when you can truly enjoy the beauty of the island, its magic and the details.  As a Florida girl I love Palm Beach so much and its timeless beauty and I was thrilled to share this beautiful location with Mary, Caroline and our amazing photographer Andrea Kinnear.  I loved seeing them take it all in and truly just soak up the beauty that is Palm Beach.

For this table we pulled all the pink and green we could find and mixed it with details that made it feel antique and vintage and as if it was timeless.  It could be a table set today or many years ago and I love that so much.  We mixed a beautiful India Amory tablecloth with antique plates, bamboo, all the wicker and added in some lettuce ware (my favorite) and the most incredible Lilly shift cookies.

I mean, can you even with those Highland Park Pie Lady cookies?  They are just as delicious as they are precious!!

This may be the table I see in my dreams, it is perfect to me.  It is a mixture of all the pink, green and every detail that I love the most.  I packed my pink vintage style suitcase with chargers, antique china and the darling Dodie Thayer for Tory Burch lettuce ware plates.  I could not imagine setting a table in Palm Beach without lettuce ware. I have had my eye on these dishes for so long and I think purchasing them for this trip was the best idea ever.  My father in law and Dodie Thayer went to school together and she created a number of pieces for the family over the years.  To have these darling tidbit plates that she worked on with Tory Burch is just the best for me.

I think one of my favorite things about putting together beautiful tables with these two creatives is how it happens.  It usually begins with an idea and then a stepping off point and then a crazy train of text messages chatting and choosing.  For this table we knew immediately we wanted an old Florida feel and the details that came were easy from there. I think the table cloth is so beautiful and adds just enough without stealing the show.  It was absolutely the best choice.

Of course Caroline designed a fabulous suite of paper goods you will absolute love.  There are so many beautiful pieces I can't wait to share with you.  I have a separate post just on the amazing Palm Beach Collection coming later this week.  You will want to order every single piece of it in bulk, I know I do.

Pink seemed the only option to wear with this table, don't you think?  Both Caroline and Mary were in Lilly Pulitzer and I wear my favorite Elizabeth Wilson dress.  I love that we are all in different shades of pink and it works perfectly.

I think my favorite part was shooting right at Golden Hour, which is my favorite part of the whole day. And to be in one of my favorite places in the world with some precious friends just as the sky turns golden.  Does it get any better?

Cheers to the beginning of the Palm Beach content ... there is so much and it is all so good and cheers to another amazing trip as a party of four.  We can't forget our incredible photographer!  πŸ“ΈπŸ’š

Happy Tuesday! 

Images by Andrea Kinnear Photography

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