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Beaded Perfection

I think I have mentioned it once, or 100 times before, but for about four years I owned a monogram gift company.  We carried small monogram gifts and created fun gifts for holidays and the like and I loved it.  Being able to walk into the work room and stitch something I wanted or needed at a moments notice was magical. When we were planning to move to Kansas City (such a long story) I decided it was time to close and focus just on my family.  I am super picky about monograms.  There are fonts I don't love and I am always hunting for new ways to use my monogram and new styles that can be stitched.  I guess you would call me a monogram snob and I am perfectly alright with that description.

I love working with Classic Prep Monograms.  Their pieces are fabulous, wonderfully made + stitched and have that something extra I am always looking for.  They gifted me a darling travel jewelry case a few months ago and I immediately loved every single thing on their site.  There are times I feel like I have seen it all when it comes to monograms and monogram gifts and there are other times I get so giddy perusing a new site with amazing gifts and that is how I feel about Classic Prep.  Their amazing details and customer service is the icing on the cake.  I can't say enough good things about working with them.

I thought I had seen it all and then the mail came last week.  This amazing banana leaf hand beaded clutch was delivered and I completely freaked out.  It is more gorgeous in person if you can even imagine that and the monogram is the perfect shade of pink.  I love it beyond what I can say in words and I think it may be literally the perfect clutch for me.

I immediately planned to take it out for dinner (doesn't that seem necessary) and as I was packing it I noticed the best detail of all ...

Can you even handle that?  I freaked out ... completely freaked out with that hidden perfect detail.  I have never owned anything with my business name other than business cards and a notebook and there it was in the most amazing perfect pink beads.  I can not tell you the level of excitement I have for this piece, how special it is and how it blessed me.  Yes, I realize it is a clutch, but there are little signs everywhere if you look for them and this surprise with my business name in pink beads is just the little happy sign I needed for this time in my business.

You can purchase your own bag on the Classic Prep Monogram website.  The clutch comes in a few patterns, but of course, I only have eyes for this one.  I think it is perfection.  Each bag is custom made to order and is large enough to hold pretty much everything I need for a day or night.  I added my wallet, phone, lipstick, sunnies + still had room for my keys.  The bag also comes with either a silver or gold chain to wear it on your shoulder.  Can you tell I just love it so?

Have the best day ... 

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  1. That is gorgeous, and the hidden detail made me smile! What a sweet surprise!



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