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Silk Goodness

Can you even with this gorgeous scarf?  I think it is truly so beautiful ... but I would expect nothing less from Kate Hersch who is known for her amazing designs and excellent quality.  The first time I spotted it I was captured by the palm fronds, the zebras and those champagne drinking monkeys!  I have a soft spot in my heart for hand rolled silk scarves and this one is currently on the top of my favorites pile.

The weather in Atlanta has been magically cool the past week when it appears the rest of the south is having a major heat wave.  The mornings are in the 70s and the evenings have been so breezy I have grabbed a sweater a few times.  I think it may be the best weather we have ever had in July and I hope it stays for a few weeks.  I wore my new August Morgan scarf tied around my shoulders the other day for a garden visit.  I think a scarf is one of my favorite ways to accessorize since you can wear them so many ways. 

The dress I chose (old and sold out! 😔) but it was perfect for our current weather.  Since the evenings seem to be a little chilly I knew having a scarf to wrap myself in would be a perfect idea.  The Brunch Scarf is an amazing size, 48x48, and ties beautifully since it is made of silk.  The best part of a silk scarf is you can tie it so many ways and every single time you fold it back up it loses the wrinkles and creases you just created.  I just folded it in half on the diagonal and wrapped it around my shoulders. 

The garden was gorgeous and I am currently wishing I loved to garden so my yard would be even a tiny bit as beautiful as this one.  Maybe with some down time coming soon I will want to make some changes to ours.  If only I didn't have a knack for killing plants ... 😬

I think this scarf is just so beautiful ...

I think my favorite thing about Kate's designs are the little touches that she includes.  I mean the champagne?  Yes please!!

There are so many ways to wear this scarf and I will show it on Stories in a week to give you some tips.  Two ways that are my favorite are to fold it on the diagonal into a long piece and then pull it around my neck and tie it in a square knot.  It is so cute this way over a sweater!  At any time you need it as a wrap you simply untie it and wrap it around your shoulders.

Oh, and as a necklace for a simple shirt.  You tie it again on the diagonal into a long piece and then knot it in the center ... two more times about 4 to 6 inches up on either side of the first knot ... and then repeat the second step another four to six inches and then tie it in a knot at your neck.  Every single time I wear it this way I get so many compliments.

Garden viewing and a new scarf?  I think it makes for the perfect evening, don't you?  The sun was magical and I didn't want my time to end. 

You can order a scarf for yourself on the website ... and stay tuned for more ways to tie your scarf.  You can also buy Hermes scarf knotting cards which I own and love for more tying ideas.  I also found this series of ideas and videos for more tips.  I love trying new ideas ... the bow is another one of my favorite ways to sport a silk scarf.

Happy Friday ... and let's cheers with champs! 🥂

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