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Golden Hour Cocktails

I love golden hour so much!!  It is that magical time of the day when you have technically "finished" the day and can enjoy the beginning of the evening.  It is called golden hour because the sky is almost yellow and golden as the sun is setting and the beauty of the sky almost shines.  For me it is such a wonderful time of the day when we are done with the busy of the day and can just settle in as a family and enjoy the time right before or during dinner. Our porch is one of my favorite places to spend golden hour, as our house sits with the back yard facing west and the sun sets in the back yard.  We live in a area with a lot of trees and its not a clear view but a view nonetheless.  The sun shining through the trees makes it so very pretty and I love it so.

We hung lights on the porch a few summers ago and, even though they are hung very simply, they make me so happy. It just adds to the charm of the porch and I love to spend the evenings sitting here listening to the cicadas, frogs and watching for lightning bugs.  Adding Creative Candles white pillar candles from the Summer Collection has just added to the charm for me and I have spread them out all over the porch.  I love the extra glow and the candles are unscented so it is perfect to mix with sips and bites.

The glow is magical, don't you think?

I have collected a number of blue and white plates, jars and vases and a bunch of them can be seen here on the porch paired with this mirror.  When we refreshed our porch last summer I hung a bunch of plates here and I really love it still. It makes the porch feel like a part of the house, which I think it should be. I have thrifted so many of these pieces and have a post coming tomorrow for a great source to start or add to your collection.  I love finding a good blue and white piece and then coming home and deciding where it will live.

I found these darling candle holders during a Target run recently and snagged two of them.  I added in the blush votive candles from the Summer Collection and I love how they sit on one of my favorite pieces on the porch, this gorgeous side hutch from Parker Kennedy Living. It was a gift a few years ago and such a special piece to us.

When I first received the pillar candles I struggled with what to put them in, every single container was either too big, too small or not my taste.  Then I spotted a few I loved all from a random Target run. Don't you love walking into Target for one thing and finding so many magical things?  It is just the best!  I walked into the Opal House section and found every single thing I needed.  I bought two of blue and white containers (sold out sadly) and two white lanterns (natural available online).  I think they are perfect for the decor on our porch.

I think the combination of the string lights + the candles just makes the golden hour glow even better, don't you?

We love the porch and everything about it ... gathered pieces over time + some pieces from both Grandin Road and Frontgate + the new additions make it feel so perfect.  It is my favorite place to start the day with coffee and my journal and also my favorite place to have cocktails and snacks with family and friends.

Speaking of cocktails, this cocktail was super delicious and I will have all the details this Saturday.  I paired it with our favorite chips + some delicious dip and it may be my new favorite pairing.  Oh, and this cute bowl?  You need it in your life.  Williams Sonoma + Schumacher ... does it get any better?

Happy Wednesday ... hope your day is amazing!

Photos by Angie Webb Creative

1 comment:

  1. Hi Paige,

    Don't let your readers give up on the blue + white Target pillar candle holder -- it was sold out for in-store pickup at my local Target but they had multiple available in-store a few miles further away.

    Looking forward to the cocktail recipe!





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