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12 Happies du Jour

Last Thursday the kids and I left for a long weekend at the beach.  I can not tell you how happy it made me to pack (super last minute) and load my kids in the car and head to the coast.  The next school year is coming at a rapid speed and I want to soak up every single second I can with my children.  As we were riding bikes, collecting shells and relaxing it made me so thankful for every single time they say yes to hanging out with me.  These children are truly the best there is and I am very aware of how lucky I am that God blessed me with their hearts. We had such a great time ... and coming home was pretty hard since all I wanted to do was soak up some more time with them.  

I learned so much on the car ride there.  Traveling with a 14 and 18 year old is crazy good ... they talk about the best stuff.  We googled crazy things and it was one giggle after another.  The craziest fact (well, one I can share) I learned ... the blue whale is the largest animal and its tongue weighs as much as an adult elephant.  Say what ?? 😁

Tuesday is the best day of the week on the blog ... all the fun and happies for you, and this week is just as good as it gets!  

First up, let's talk totes.  I received this amazing custom monogram Straw Market Tote from The Monogram Corner right before my trip to Palm Beach.  I carried it as a carry on for the plane and I have been using it repeatedly since.  It was amazing for a trip to Scott's Antique Market earlier this month and ideal for our weekend beach trip.  It holds so much and looks so chic while you are carrying it.  I love finding great small companies to share with you that have wonderful products + spectacular customer service and I can highly recommend The Monogram Corner!!  Check out today's Instagram for a chance to win a custom Straw Market Tote just like this one!  🥂 

One of my favorite clothing designers just began making headbands and I am so excited.  Brooke Wright Designs uses extra fabric to create darling bow Top Knots and I love that they are limited edition pieces.  Each Tuesday is Top Knot Tuesday and she releases new patterns that are first come first served.  I snagged this darling one a week ago and I have worn it quite a bit since.  This was my beach outfit last week and I loved that it held my hair out of my face while driving to the coast.  You can snag one of her Top Knots on her website and Instagram.  Keep your eyes peeled for her new ones. 

image via Andrea Kinnear

Obsessing over these swimsuits and super cute cover ups right now as summer is still going strong in my mind.  How cute are the ones Mary and Caroline are wearing? I linked theirs below, along with a few extras. My assistant loves button up beach shirts over a dress so I made sure to include some by J. Crew that are just too good. 

This Salad Ramen recipe looks absolutely delicious with all of those bright colors are making it look super fresh!

These shorts look super comfy! I would pair them with a good graphic tee and my pink and white gingham Tretorns.

image via Andrea Kinnear

This is the pair of earrings Caroline wore in Palm Beach on repeat. I fell in love with them and then I fell for the whole brand ... you know how it goes!

This outfit that my assistant styled is too good ...

My child has a new found love for these gluten free pretzels. They are the crunchiest snack I have ever heard but oh my they are tasty!

I found some cute happies for just around the home!

These Hunter Rain Boots are on sale and are the best staple! Oh and did I mention super comfy and you could totally style them on a sunny day too? #yesplease

My assistant recently visited the SCAD Fashion exhibit here in their Atlanta campus and oh my goodness it was stunning. It is the Kaleidoscope Katrantzou by Mary Katrantzou exhibit celebrating her 10th anniversary as a designer. It was mannequin after mannequin wearing tediously hand beaded gowns, floral gowns and suits, and next level coats and knitwear. Her favorite pieces were the quilted bomber jacket, the color block rain coat, and the hand beaded gown with elastic band details at the sleeves and waist. It is on until September 22 and it is for sure worth the visit!

I found some seriously good CELINE and Gucci sunglasses dupes ...

Y'all J.Crew has some pre-fall collection new arrivals and it looks so good ... 

Okay here's another outfit because she's good! 

image via Pinterest

This photo is giving me all the Palm Beach feels ... how pretty is it for a new wallpaper on your phone!

Have the best Tuesday ever!!

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