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Pink Luggage ... Yes Please!

I am literally bursting at the seams to share all of our Palm Beach trip with you, it is literally the best trip I have taken in quite some time.  Of course, no trip can compare to a family trip, but work trips can be hard and not the most fun at times.  Luckily, I am super picky about who I work with, who I travel with and where I go.  This trip for the four of us (Caroline, Mary, Andrea + me) was hands down the best trip I have taken this year.  The combination of my favorite state + my favorite city + the best hotel + an amazing photographer + a fun group made it simply perfection.  Like I said, I can't wait to share it all with you.

image by Angie Webb Photography

This is the second trip I have relied on my pink luggage to take care of me on my travels and the second time I have been very pleased.  When I went to Charleston in April I only used the pink set and this time for Palm Beach I did take a second suitcase (a larger green one) but the pink one was still my favorite.  The green one was too big, weighed too much even empty (all the eye rolls) and was so bulky and hard to use.  I came right home and donated it and the cute little green smaller case I own.  They may have been perfect six years ago, but not they are just not user friendly at all.

Arriving in Charleston Caroline, Mary and I all carried our pink luggage and laughed so hard when we loaded up the baggage cart with nothing but pink.  We had not planned it and seeing it all together was quite comical.  But the truth is ... it is a great set and perfect if you are getting away for a weekend.  The larger piece holds quite a bit and the smaller case is perfect for your grooming essentials and will fit inside any carry on tote you take.  For me that has been my Barrington Gift Palm Tote for a few months and the best decision.  It holds so much, zips up and either fits in the overhead compartment on the plane or perfectly in the back seat of your car.

This was the first trip I used packing cubes even though I have owned them for more than six months.  Honestly, I loved the idea of them but I didn't think they would work with how much I was taking, but after watching another blogger put a whole weeks worth of clothes in her carry on using them I was convinced I was being silly.  I use this packing cube set and it works so well.  The set contains three packing cubes and who doesn't love anything Lilly?  I used one of the cubes for just slides, one for dresses and one for under garments and bathing suits.  I could not believe how much they hold and condense making packing so much easier and so much tidier in my suitcase.  It fed my type A heart to see it all neat and tidy when I unzipped it at the hotel.

In addition to my two suitcases (one was just packed with work items), I took my tote as a carry on and carried this bag, which is hands down the best bag for summer! I had to check my pink bag at the gate both on the way to Florida and on the way home and I covered the bag with the cover that comes with it and it held up perfectly.  Honestly I was concerned it would be dinged or damaged and it was delivered to me in perfect condition. I was thrilled.

I love to pack, but I have told you that before, so that isn't anything new.  I will be honest and share that I purchased the pink set thinking it would be darling for a weekend away and in every single photo.  What I didn't realize is how easy it would be to travel with and how much it would hold. It isn't ideal for wedges, but you could easily wear your wedges and pack the rest.  I was so happy to use the packing cubes this time which allowed for so many more in my suitcase. The two things I worried about the most, these wedges + this hair appliance, easily fit. My green suitcase had three cubes + this makeup case (all my skin care + make up included) + this bag of hair accessories + the wedges and the hair styler. Neat, tidy and super organized and not at all showing of all the over packing I did.

I call that a major win for all. 

Check out my Instastories today for some real time chat about the packing cubes and pink luggage.  If you need some additional packing tips check out this blog post where I break down my love of this pouch for liquids while flying and this blog post where I chat about some of my favorite travel needs.

I hope your Monday is magical!!

images by Andrea Kinner except where noted 


  1. Sounds like your Dallas trip was not so good!! I'm from Texas t guess you just said it was good not meaning it.

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