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Avocado Toast

image by Angie Webb Creative

Happy Friday!  I hope your week was a good one.  I am writing today about one of my favorite breakfast/brunch treats ... Avocado Toast.  Just typing those two words makes me crave it so much.  I think I was late to the avo toast game so now I feel the need to catch up.  I promise you I could eat this meal over and over again and not tire of it one single bit.  I order it from a few of my favorite spots, but since two of those spots are in Florida (makes the daily order super hard!) I had to figure out a way to make it for myself.  After doing some super yummy research I have the best recipe to share with you.  I think I have it perfected (for my taste at least) and I hope you will give it a try.  It is so easy to make and a great meal ... especially if you add eggs on the side!   I am telling you the more I type the more I want some right NOW.

image by Andrea Kinnear Photography

My recipe is the closest to the one served at Sant Ambroeus in Palm Beach.  They make the yummiest avo toast I have ever eaten and I think the combination of super yummy bread + hot sauce makes it stick out as the best I have ever eaten.  I also really love it from Briar Patch in Winter Park and Flower Child.  I love how Flower Child slices the bread into strips making it so easy to eat.  They add white cheddar cheese and an olive oil drizzle which is truly soo good.  

I think the trick to making really good avo toast is a really good avocado.  I buy them at the market and leave them on my counter for a few days in a small brown paper bag and let them ripen.  You can tell an avocado is ripe and ready to slice when it is soft, but not squishy when you hold it.  A hard avocado is not ripe and will not work.  You want it ripe so the flavor of the avocado is the best it can be.  There are times I find them ripe and ready to eat at the market and if this is the case I buy all I can find and make chunky guacamole + avocado toast.  In my opinion, fresh avocado is good on every single thing you can add it on.  Eggs, burgers, tuna salad, egg salad, chicken salad, sandwiches, tacos ... it all makes it so much fresher. 

Serving Platter sold out ... more patterns in this style here! I use these platters to cut and serve a ton of things, they are the best size and how cute are they?

To make my avocado toast ... I smash one avocado in a bowl.  Add a swirl of good olive oil, a squeeze of lemon juice (you can add more), a shake of red pepper flakes and some salt and pepper.  Mix together and spread it on toasted Dave's Killer Bread.  The bread is crucial for me, I buy the 21 Grains and Seeds variety.  After spreading the avo mixture I shake a little more red pepper flakes + Everything But The Bagel mix + a drizzle of sriracha.  This addition is new for me and can be left off if you aren't a spice fan.   On the side I either eat a sliced boiled egg or a scrambled egg with Parmesan cheese.  I am telling you, this may be my favorite meal. 

You can add so many fun things on top to vary your toast ... I am fine keeping mine as is.  I think any kind of "extra" toast you can serve me would make me super happy.  This summer I alternated between this version + goat cheese, fresh peaches and honey + tomatoes, goat cheese and toasted pistachios.  I think fancy toast deserves a whole post, don't you?

I hope your Friday is fabulous ... I am ready for a relaxing weekend, I hope yours in the same!

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