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Key Lime Pie

Anyone else a pie lover?  I really do like a slice of pie and think I have basically my whole life.  When I was a child we lived in Lakeland, Florida (my home town) and spent many lunches and dinners at Reececliff.  I would order a small meal so there would always be room for the slice of pie at the end.  Grilled cheese, roasted grapefruit sections + coconut custard pie.  It was just a regular order for me and still brings me such comfort when I am home and order it.  In July when Southern Baked Pie sent me a Blueberry Pie for July 4th they added a box of Amanda's Signature Pie Crust Mix for us to enjoy later.  Since I do not bake, I promise it never works out, my mother generously offered to help me make a pie.  It was ... delicious and these photos have me dreaming of a slice of pie as I type.

My mom and I made a key lime pie, which is the only dessert I have mastered.  I do not usually use a home made flour pie crust, but make one with graham crackers instead.  She suggested we use the pie crust mix with the key lime pie and I was all in as long as she did the hard part.  I don't know why pie crust seems so hard to me, I have mastered biscuits so I shouldn't be nervous, but I am.  Amanda's all butter pie crust is truly so good.  It is easy to make, well my mama says it is, and turned out so beautiful.  We tossed around the idea of adding blueberries to the pie in some way or using the pie crust to make blueberry tarts so my dad and I went to pick fresh blueberries so we would have them on hand.

My friend has a private blueberry farm and had so many blueberries so she invited my Dad and I over to pick some from her bushes.  We didn't spend long, but filled a bowl and basket full of the best berries.  I love picking fruit right off the trees, it is the best summer activity.  After picking (and eating) quite a few it was back to the house to check on the pie crust status.

My mother has so much patience in the kitchen and is an excellent cook.  I think maybe that is our difference, I am not so patient in this one area of my life, but hopefully I will get there with time.  She rolled out the dough and then found we had extra so she cut out flowers for the edge of the pie. My mother and my grandmother have the same hands and sometimes when I see hers I think of all the things my Nana and I used to do.  The memories flood in ... 

She made the pie crust and the darling flower details and I made the key lime pie.  We ended up using the blueberries just as a garnish, and I thought they were so very pretty. The rest of the berries were gobbled up for breakfast and snacks until they were gone.  I just love fresh seasonal fruit.

I was so excited with our afternoon of baking and prep.  It was so much fun and she made the pie crust assembly seem much easier than I think it is.  I highly recommend using Amanda's crust recipe, it is really very delicious and it bakes up so beautifully.  You can order the mix on her website, along with so many of her incredible pre made pies.  She also makes a gluten free option which I am dying to try since one of my children is gluten free.

All butter pie crust + this key lime pie recipe + fresh whipped cream ... the perfect dessert!  I don't think any of us wished our slice would end any time soon.  It was so delicious and I will most definitely use a flour pie crust again.  Maybe I should master a coconut pie next.  Anyone else a major coconut lover?

I hope your day is amazing.  Maybe it will even include pie for dessert!  💙

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  1. I saw the bottle in the background, that is the one I make too.



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