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12 Happies du Jour

Happy Tuesday ... as you may expect I am drinking my coffee this am with my computer queued up to the Lilly After Party sale.  You may find that crazy since I shopped yesterday, but I have been holding out buying anything most of the summer anticipating this sale.  And, y'all it's good, like really good.  Today I shopped from my favorite summer release ... the rewind of some of the best prints released again. 

What I love about Lilly for me is how I can wear it year round.  I will pair a summer dress with a jean jacket and cute sneaks (usually Tretorns) for a great fall look.  Since I live in Georgia I really don't need heavy sweater until November so why not pair a cute thin fall sweater with fun Lilly pants in October.  Oh, and if you have ever worn a Lilly cardigan you know how great they are.  Lightweight yet perfect for breezy days.  I snagged this one today. Yes please and thank you!!  This was my first year wearing a Lilly bathing suit since they have been redesigned and I loved the fit.  Covered up all the mom things and yet still so amazing.  I highly recommend you snagging one or two at these prices!  I linked all the new items here ... and then picked out my absolute favorites for you below.  I loved this summer's release more than I have loved a release in a long time.  It was just so me!

Ok, so on to other items since the Lilly has consumed my thoughts the last few days while I am not at the hospital or juggling our current two lives ... home + hospital.  This too shall pass, but I will say it is hard to go to bed each night with him someplace other than home and to wake up each morning to the same empty bed.  God will work all of this for good and the story we have to tell is such a good one, but I am ready to start writing it from home.  This morning I am relying on extra coffee (this cup!!), some great praise music and some porch time.  I can't wait to have coffee on the porch with my precious man so very soon.  💗

We have been blessed with meals for weeks and I can not tell you how amazing it has been to come home to a home cooked meal with my kids after a long day away from home.  These meals have not only brought such a blessing to us, but they have also spurned a desire in me to cook.  I know I have shared before I don't love to cook but something about the feeling it has given me to watch others share their love of cooking with me has given me new life.  I am committed to cooking more when we are all back together and to master a list of things I want to make as signature items.  For example, I want to master roast chicken, a great recipe for mashed potatoes ... and so many other things.  Stay tuned ... 

Speaking of delicious meals ... this post was a great one with some yummy dishes to try!

I loved this blog post about using Siri.  Do you use it regularly ... my daughter is a master and I need to delegate more to Siri.  This post by Carly was so good to give me some great suggestions.  I just had her set a reminder for me to snag my son's prescription on the way home tonight. 

I found a new to me company via Instagram and my sweet friend Heather and I am dying over the goodness.  I absolutely adore all things Hermes scarf related and this darling girl makes headbands and scrunchies with Hermes scarves.  Do you need any more information?  I am an official stalker of all she posts!  How cute would a scrunchie be for a great messy bun??  Yes, I have had way to much time on my hands ... but it is working out for Happies posts for sure. 

Are you a fan of amazing painted pumpkins?  This morning I spotted some really good ones from Mason Brookes Designs.  I am dying over Kelly's rose medallion pumpkins!!!  They will go fast so if you want one get it quickly!  I would DM her on Instagram, I did this am and she was quick to give me prices, sizes and details!!

Photo by Andrea Kinnear Photography

I don't know if you recall this dress I wore basically all summer, but this black dress may be its perfect fall twin.  I love the high low bottom and the great collar and of course the sleeves.  I see this with booties, sneaks and slides while it is still feeling like a hot summer day.  Yes please!!

I also really love this one, what a great red, for another amazing option of the perfect white dress above.  I think this silhouette is just so good. 

I know it seems crazy to be thinking of Christmas cards in September, but what can I say ... lots of time to think during hospital days.  I am loving Caroline's incredible designs and have already picked out one for myself.  We have not done a photo of the five of us in years ... and this year will be the perfect year to do it.  I am partial to so many of hers, I can't wait to show you the one I chose. 

This news ... oh I am completely smitten!

If you are in a committed relationship with white button downs like I am, here is a great list of choices for you to peruse.  I think I own maybe 5 but I am always up for a new one, or two. 

I hope your day is magical ... and filled with sunny skies and good news!! 

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