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Yellow Jeep

I shared this story on Instagram earlier this week but I thought I would go ahead and make it a full blog post since I get the question quite a bit and I think it is such a great story.  Yellow Jeeps are little signs from God that He is near me and us and it always makes me smile.  Since I shared the story on Instagram so many people have sent direct messages with the yellow Jeeps they have seen and thought of us.  It means the most, everything to us.

We owned a yellow Jeep for ten years. When my husband bought it and brought it home I remember thinking ... yellow, really?  I realized quickly after he bought it that yellow was rare, as in I never saw another one.  In the ten years we owned it I only saw one or two, maybe.  I loved that Jeep, and so did he. 

In October 2016 he was hit head on while driving to work. I remember the phone call and how disoriented he was.  All he could tell me was he was in an accident, he didn't know where they were and the ambulance was on its way.  He suffered a slight concussion but otherwise completely walked away. The other driver was not hurt but her car was completely demolished and to this day I do not know what kind of car it was.  The Jeep looked good to the eye, with a bent front bumper, a bent hood, and a missing hood clip but the minute I drove it home I knew there was more damage.  When the insurance company called a few days later to tell us it was totalled I realized how much he was protected. The axle was bent, the frame was cracked and it was completely done.  I remember thanking God for protecting him and loving that Jeep even more for taking the brunt of the crash and keeping him safe.

photo by Angie Webb Creative

When he was diagnosed with cancer in April 2018 I spotted my first yellow jeep.  It was probably a few days after his diagnosis and I remember seeing it and immediately thanking Jesus for the sign.  It felt like a wave of protection coming our way and the sightings have not stopped.  I see them daily, sometimes more than once and a lot when I need them.  My best friends see them too and send me messages just when I need them most.  They show up in photo shoot photos, have been spotted in town and out of town and just show themselves at the most perfect times.

In March a few of my friends came to pick me up for brunch.  I walked outside to them standing up in a yellow Jeep with the top down.  One of them borrowed it from her husband's boss for our morning together.  The license plate was truly perfect ... reading 'SALGOOD.  #thankyouJesus.

The yellow Jeep has become a sign of comfort for us and most definitely a little nod from Jesus that he is near and watching over us.  One day we will own a Jeep again ... and it will most definitely be a yellow one. 💛

We are doing much better and are slowly but surely healing so I will be writing more and updating the blog.  It feels so good to be able to write and be a little creative while he is resting.  I hope your weekend is amazing!

Happy Friday ... 


  1. Such a sweet story- I have tears in my eyes! Wishing you and your family bountiful blessings in the days ahead.

  2. Truly wonderful.I love when God presents us with powerful signs we can hold dear!

  3. Sweet story! A good friend who lost her husband suddenly has a similar story. She sees turquoise trucks. Her husband bought an old one at auction and had it in the barn restoring it. Now when she happens to see one pass by or friends see one, they take a photo and send it to her.
    Glad your news is positive. Keep moving forward. Prayers for each of you.

  4. So, so sweet to read about the yellow jeeps! My family has a similar thing, but ours is whenever we see a little rabbit in a yard or field. It reminds us of our grandmother because her nickname was Bunny. So every little rabbit reminds me of her love for me and most importantly God's love and assurance. I am so thrilled to hear that your special patient is making progress. I have prayed for him and your family every night. As an RN myself here in Dallas, I know how long the days and nights are, and how frightening the hospital environment is for families. Praying that your sweet husband will soon be headed out that door and home soon.

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