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Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale

Did you see the news yesterday?  The Lilly After Party Sale is coming!!  The sale begins Monday online at 8 am EST and this weekend (September 7 + 8) in stores.  Anyone else a major Lilly Pulitzer lover?  I already have my eye on what will be on sale ... and added a few things to my cart to refresh on Monday.  There is just something about wearing Lilly that makes me super happy all the time.  Any day with me in a Lilly piece, or two, and I just seem to smile brighter and bigger.

How does it work?

Well, it is the same as the yearly sale ... there will be a queue beginning at 8 am EST and you will be able to shop the sale items when your space in line arrives.  Each day of the sale (Monday to Wednesday at 11:59 EST) new items will arrive in the sale section.  You can read more about the sale here in Resort 365 blog. All of the frequently asked questions and answers are available and I found it super helpful.  This sale is very well shopped, I would do my homework and be ready when it begins to grab what you want in the sizes you need.

Any tips?

Oh yes!!  Since the sale creates a major buzz you will want to set up an account with your payment information already to go so when you get in line early Monday morning (yes next Monday!!) you get on before 8 am (I would say 7:30 am with a big coffee) and as soon as its your turn add your sizes and items to your cart and checkout.  If you register before hand you minimize the risk of someone else taking what you want out of your cart before you check out. 

When we will know what is on sale?

Give me the details ASAP! I only know what is available for Monday and Tuesday and I absolutely loved all the items so you will too.  Make sure you check out the products currently available and pick your favorites to be ready for what will be on sale.  I find it is so much better to check out the items online so I know what I like and can keep my eye out with my wish list for those items on sale. 

For example, if I love one of the bathing suits in stock and have it on my wish list I know to check swim wear for a sale price.  Just to sneak you a peek ... the swim suit above is included in Monday's sale items.  It retails for $138 but will be on sale for $59. 

Can you even handle that ... I am not kidding when I tell you this sale is HUGE.

I will be posting again on Monday with the actual pieces available so you can shop specifically ... but get ready and do your homework. This is an amazing sale and you do not want to miss out!!

I hope your Thursday is a sunny one!!  Stay safe if you are on the coast!!  

Graphic courtesy of Lilly Pulitzer
Images by Andrea Kinnear Photography

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