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12 Happies du Jour

Hi my friends!  We are still not home but I did splurge on this cute doormat this weekend with a thirty minute Target run.  I thought it was so cute and I am dying to be home and settled so it made it feel like it may be coming?   My favorite one was faded and no longer legible so I snagged a new one and immediately replaced it.  It just made me feel like the porch was a little more tidy with a new mat.  I could not find the door mat online, but it is available in the store.  Isn't it so cute?

We will be hitting the eight week mark after surgery and recovery and we are still residents of Northside Hospital.  I have been struggling with so many emotions lately and frustration and anger may be a few of them.  I know these are normal emotions, but they still seem so wrong to me.  We have so many things to be thankful for and grateful about and its all I want to think about at any time.  He is healing and I can visibly see it but it seems there is always a new issue brewing and I want to see them end.  His timing ... not mine, I just have to keep focused on this. ❤

It does feel good to be writing ... there was a two week period where I couldn't even think about being creative or opening my computer and this week I am doing both of them.  I love thinking about something else versus staring at him thinking I may see something new.  I have a great collection of things to share with you today ... I am really excited about all of them.

Have y'all seen the Downton Abbey movie?  I am dying to go!!!  I love this article with all of Maggie Smith's classic line.  I think my favorite is the one with her thoughts on the weekend. 😂

While I was perusing Town & Country I also spotted this article ... and since I love Bourbon I have pinned a few of them to check out later.  Bourbon by the fire, yes please! In addition to the recipes in the article I found this one which sounds so good.

My friend Ashley is a master of beauty and hair. Master.  I love how confident she is in styling and playing with new styles and makeup.  This video for a Low Bun Updo is perfection.

I really loved this blog post.  I have been blogging as a "brand" for about five years full time.  I really thought this was a good compilation of what it is like.  Now Grace is next level compared to me, but it does give you an idea of what researching, styling, planning and photographing looks like.  I spend more of my time styling and researching and planning rather than speaking to managers, etc.  I do have a number of people that pitch content on the regular to me and I do have to work with them and the brands I work with, so that is there.  I would say most weeks I can get it all done between 8:30 am and 3:30 pm if no running around is involved.  Other weeks it takes longer and includes me writing the actual post from bed late at night or before the kids get up in the morning.  The post is pretty accurate and I thought you would enjoy it if blogging for a business is something that intrigues you.

I bought this poncho sweater last year in off white and I wear it all the time.  I have worn it quite a bit recently in the very cold hospital.  It is available this year in some fun colors and right now it is on major sale.  It is most definitely a great sweater to wear and looks fabulous with both jeans and leggings since it covers your bum. I also really love this turtleneck option!

I think I have told you that I am not a fan of pumpkin spice.  I don't like PSL and the hype around them kind of wears me out.  #truth.  I did, however, try the Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew (nonfat) and it is delish!!  It has just a hint of pumpkin flavor and none of the weird spice flavor I am not a fan of and I will be ordering it again.  Two of my sweet followers emailed me Starbucks gift cards and I have used one of them to treat myself a couple of times on the way to and from the hospital.  It has been such a little happy and I am thankful every single time I swipe.  Thank you girls for loving on me!!

I had a drop in my potassium level a couple of weeks ago and the doctor recommended adding a banana a day to my diet and drinking a V-8 or two.  Right after the suggestion I saw this article on how to make an amazing Cajun Bloody Mary.  Not that I will be drinking my V-8 with vodka ... but it also isn't a terrible idea on the weekends. 😉

If you read yesterday's post and saw my Stories from Sunday you know I made yogurt parfaits to bring to the hospital to make sure I am starting off the day with protein.  I found some amazing granola with protein to add to the top and it is delicious.  It comes in a variety of flavors and I bought the Oats & Honey and really like it.  Any opportunity to add more protein is a good thing.  My jars have unsweetened, plain Greek yogurt, berries, honey and shredded coconut + the granola.  Next time I will be adding some toasted nuts as well.

I am not sure if I shared this knowledge with you but it's soo good so it is worth sharing again.  Walmart has an amazing collection of furniture that you need to check out.  The same pieces available at other places at fabulous prices.  Really good pieces ... like this darling chair which would be fabulous in a guest room, den, basement living room, office or another other place you need a great chair.  And for less than $300 it is such a great deal.  I have pulled all the pieces I like ... but you can peruse the style collections here and I highly suggest you do!

I am quickly working through my newest needlepoint project and I am ready to start a new one.  I loved stitching an ornament, it went so fast and I can't wait to see it hanging on tree.  I am looking at these from Lycette and I have my eye on a few of them.  Maybe this one or a Lilly shift for my girl's tree?? I also really want to stitch a scissors case.  I have my eye on this one! I need to make some decisions since I always like to have a new project waiting for me before I finish the one I am on.

Zara has some amazing dresses right now and the prices are really good.  I have my eye on this one and this one.  I love them with sneaks and also with booties.  So fun!!

One last thought ... when do you put out your pumpkins?  For us it stays warm here for few more weeks and as long as it is in the 80s+ I think it is silly to put out pumpkins knowing the sun will just bake them.  I usually wait until the week before Halloween and I don't think this year will be any different ... but when do you put yours out??

I hope your Tuesday is fabulous!!


  1. I have worried about you..... glad that you finally posted yesterday and again today. You are my favorite blog that I follow. In my thoughts and prayers

  2. OMG!Thank you for "introducing" me to Ashley! She is adorable and that video was fabulous! Keeping you and your honey in my prayers each day. XOXO Renee



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