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Next Day Please!

With the crazy schedule I have had now for almost eight weeks (wow!) I have had to think quick on my feet more than once.  In this time we have celebrated a birthday for my girl, planned to come home, not once but twice, packed up one child to go away for fall break and had many volleyball snack days and little things in between. There has been more than once that I would think of something in the morning and need it by the next day.  Doesn't that always happen when you are stressed out or over busy?

Lucky for me (and you!) Walmart now offers NextDay delivery.  Free of charge and guaranteed next day if ordered by the cutoff time.  And as a bonus delivery is free for orders over $35 and $5.99 for orders less than the minimum.  Can you think of a better way to get what you need almost immediately? Shopping is so easy, items are divided by categories and easily searchable when you know exactly what you need.  And the best part ... the prices are the best I have found.  Normally I pay almost ten dollars more for the same 8 pack of paper towels.  Yes please!! 

I placed my first order when the discussion to come home first happened weeks ago.  I knew there were certain things I would need and I didn't have enough time to head out, get the house ready, and be at the hospital.  I spent about 15 minutes online with my list ... and every single thing I needed was waiting for me the next day at the house when I got home.  The sight of the blue box on the door step made it feel like my assistant had taken care of all my errands.  💙

I have ordered a variety of things from paper towels and toilet paper ... to treats for my sweet pup and snacks for the hospital. I hate leaving my girl for the long days and she seems a little more forgiving when I have a treat for me on my way out. I found so many great snacks and food items in the Health & Wellness category like this yummy granola with protein and these delicious biscuits.  With my girl playing a ton of volleyball (stinky clothes are the worst!) we are using a ton of this safe stain remover and odor blaster.  I am not a huge fan of pumpkin spice ... but these Cheerios are so yummy.  They are good as cereal and so fun mixed together for snack mix.  I recommend adding in salted cashews + goldfish + granola with protein.

In additional to food, snacks and household necessities you can peruse baby items, appliances, electronics, necessities for your pet, and home improvement.  I have so many things I want to check out when life calms down once again. These Air Pods are the best price I have seen anywhere and I am dying for a pair of my own.  Currently I share a pair with my girl but she uses them way more than I do.  With the amazing selection of electronics and other items I see some super easy holiday shopping in my future.


I pulled together all of the items I purchased ... as you can see it was nothing exciting but all needed and so useful.  To show the items available for Next Day delivery make sure the selection for NextDay delivery is turned on in the upper right hand section of the website.  This can be done on both the website and on your phone to make ordering even easier.  Does it get any better? Walmart NextDay delivery for the win! 🎉

Happy Monday!  

This post is sponsored by Walmart.  As always, the thoughts and reviews are my own. 

1 comment:

  1. Belvita biscuits are a great snack with my english breakfast tea.

    Try the blueberry or cranberry orange, they are yummy too.



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