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12 Happies du Jour

I find the time flies with both of us home right now ... it will be 8 am in the morning and then we will have one or two appointments and the next thing I know its 3 pm.  It is crazy ... but I am trying to be really present since I know this time with us together is fleeting and he will be back at work in a month or so and this time will be gone.  I love being able to pop in and grab lunch after an appointment, something we did yesterday, and truly just getting to sit at a table and stare at my walking miracle.  He is such a kind and precious man and hearing his foot steps around the house is the best kind of gift.  It is so good and so precious ... but man how the hours fly by.

For some reason the shopping links are not working on the blog ... so I will keep my links simple today without any shopping round ups until my team can get them repaired.  I noticed it last week but that it was a fluke and then again this Monday so the team is checking it out and will let me know what is going on hopefully today.  I love shopping round ups, they are so fun ... but I am holding them for a bit.  I still have so many amazing things to share today ... and some fun ones for Christmas which is only 42 days away.

How can that be?

We added a full flocked tree to our collection this year for the dining room. Last year I did a smaller one and loved it so much so this year it is a full size tree that I will fill with blue, white and all my favorite vintage ornaments.  I can not wait to get it up ... I am using this pre-lit tree.  I am setting up both trees this week to get all my content shot in time and to be able to light them both the day after Thanksgiving.  I have never decorated before Thanksgiving before, but I am here for all the holiday celebrating and I don't want to shot late in December ... so early it is.

While I was shopping for trees I noticed that the pre-lit wreath and garland options were so good.  I picked out this wreath for our front door and will be hanging two of these garlands as well.  As usual I am using hot pink bows outside ... I love mixing greenery + pink for our house. 🎄

Oh, and while you are at Frontgate ... do yourself and someone on your wish list a favor and snag these sheets.  These are my favorite sheets ever and I have loved climbing into bed to them every single night.  The came as a gift from our friends at Frontgate about a week or so after we got home and it was the best surprise.  These sheets are luxurious and the smocked detail at the top is the icing on the amazing sheet cake!

I shared on Instagram yesterday that I am being really intentional this year with gift giving.  I have decided to gift each person on my list one really memorable gift + handwritten note to share with them how much they are loved and treasured.  It sounds easier than it has been (yes I started my shopping a few weeks ago) to choose just one really special gift instead of snagging a bunch of things I love and know they will.  I have purchased three gifts so far and I can not tell you how excited I am to gift them next month.  I may even make a gift or two after being inspired by my sweet friend Ashley in this blog post.

Speaking of Christmas ... if you love bottle brush trees as much as I do I think this listing is perfect.  So many cute colors to choose from in this set of 15.

I bought these sandals last week and I don't think a pair has ever been more perfect for me.  Aren't they darling?  While I was on the site shopping I spotted some darling plaid pieces to share with me that are a little more season appropriate.  Don't think I won't be wearing my Jeep sandals, because I will, but I will most definitely be wearing this pair of plaid flats way more right now.  Aren't they so darling?

And how about these plaid boots?  I also love this navy pair and this camo pair are pretty cute too!

The temps took a massive dip yesterday and will be about 25 today and I found myself scrambling for options for myself (and my girl) as an option other than a down coat and stumbled on this fleece pullover.  We are at the point where we can share clothes and this one would be perfect.  It is on major sale (only $49) and I love the cream.  I am heading out of town in two weeks for a weekend and I need some warm clothes ... this is absolutely a must have.  I will be wearing these leggings (such a great lulu dupe) + a warm pullover + boots on repeat that weekend. ⛄

And while searching for warm clothes I spotted this sweatshirt which was instantly a must "add to cart".  I also noticed my favorite sweater ever is on sale ... I love the green! and my favorite flannel pajamas are also on sale.  Does anyone else think flannel pajamas are so cozy this time of year?

I was gifted these and love them.  I sleep most nights with my hair in a bun and this allows me to put it up and then be able to wear it down if I want to in the morning.  They are also soft enough to add one as a bracelet if I need to during the day.  Unless it is cold hair on the back of my neck makes me really hot and I love having the option of putting it up when I need to.

Pink smoking slippers ... yes please!

I have been thinking about a bracelet like this for a while ... one I can customize with a word that means something special after our year.  I keep going back and forth between Love and Faith ... we shall see what I order but I think they are so special and make the best Christmas gifts.  Talk about intentional gifting ... 🎉

Have the best day ... oh, and stay warm!!!

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