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Barrington Gifts Sale

Happiest of Mondays to you!!  We are having the best fall weather right now, well its a little cold today, and the leaf peeping is truly the best its been in years.  This weekend was so fun ... with lots of adventure and the debut of my favorite new crossbody bag.  This design is new for Barrington Gifts and I think its perfect.   Any time I can buy plaid and add a monogram is a good thing ... two reasons I love purchasing from Barrington Gifts.  Today is the last day for the Veterans Day sale which is 15% off the entire site which is the best sale of the year.  Since we both know I love all of my Barrington pieces I rounded them up today to share with you some great gift ideas to truly take advantage of this fabulous sale. 🎉

The options for travel and gifts are truly unbeatable. Totes and bags and accessories galore ... truly you will be so inspired with all the ideas I have for you.  I have broken out my favorite options for you and then listed all the great ways to gift them, so grab a pad and start writing down your list ... we can knock off a big portion today. 

First up ... the most useful bag, the St. Charles Yacht Tote. I love this bag and own two of them, one for spring and summer and another for fall and winter.  I use it all the time.  It was our number one bag for the hospital because I could pack his items it in, all of his medicine, our diffuser and oils, and extra clothes + slippers for me.  I didn't even make a dent in the space in the bag.  It is perfect for a weekend away, a full day out and about, and I love it as a carry on. It is truly a great bag.

Who would I purchase it for ... basically everyone.  Grandparents to travel for the weekend, your husband or wife for weekend travel, college student for their weekend trip home, someone who loves to travel as a carry on, your highschooler for their sports items, a new mom as a great hospital bag, and of course, yourself on your wish list.

Second favorite bag, the Belmont Cabin Bag.  This is a fabulous duffle and has taken the place in our home of the Vera bag for my girl.  As she has gotten older she wanted something she could personalize and would feel "more grown up" and this bag is perfect.  She uses it as a spend the night bag, church retreat bag, going to her grandparents bag, and her favorite, going to the beach.  I love that she designed it for herself and it will hold up for years to come.  When she is ready to head off to college ... sniff, I will add a Yacht Tote to her collection in the same pattern and she will be prepared for traveling back and forth.

I think this bag would be ideal for so many ... again your husband or wife (and make it a set with the bag above), your college student (make it a set!), your son or daughter, your best friend, yourself for your wish list ... and any family member who loves to travel. 

Their newest travel bag is a great one.  I have been searching for a fabulous garment bag for so long and the Gatwick Garment Bag is truly so good.  I ordered mine in plaid to mix with my fall and winter Captain's Tote and I almost want to plan a weekend away just to be able to use it.  I would buy this for your significant other and tuck in an itinerary for a weekend away. 

Small accessories ... I would purchase these as a set.  I did it last year for my parents and one of our dear friends who travels a ton and they all really loved them.  First set for me would be the Passport Case + Baggage Handle Wrap.  I designed my gifts as a matching set, but you can most definitely play with the designs.

For my kids I did a combination of Baggage Handle Wrap + Luggage Tag for travel.  That way if they take a rolling suitcase + backpack for plane travel they can identify their bags so quickly.  You would be shocked how many people on a church trip travel with black back packs and black rollies.  For this set I most definitely choose a matching set since the goal is to have them find their bags quickly.

My other favorite set to gift is the Eyeglass Case + Highclere Accessory Case.  This is so good for your mom, sister, best friend or assistant.  It is the best combination for their purse and most definitely for travel.  I use these pieces every single day.

I have found the best gift for your wine loving friends ... and for anyone who invites you over to their home for Thanksgiving or Christmas.  Did someone invite you on a vacation ... order this Westport Wine Tote for them asap.  You can pack it with two bottles of wine or my favorite combination of orange juice + champagne for quick and easy mimosa mixing!  For the person who has everything and you have the hardest time shopping for .. this is the answer!

Two of their new additions which I don't own but think are truly fabulous are the Cosmetic Kit and the Hanging Toiletry Kit.  If you have someone on your list who loves their luggage and already has the accessory items above get one, or both, of these.  I love that you can pull your toiletry bag out and hang it up and its ready to go.

My favorite new piece, the Catherine Crossbody, is such a great gift for your best friend, sister in law, mother, assistant ... any woman in your life that loves to be on the go.  I chose to design mine without the stripes and I love how different it is from any of my other pieces.  It is simple and absolutely perfect for fall and winter days on the go.

I hope you are putting a dent in your shopping list today during the 15% off Veteran's Day sale.  I managed to think of two gifts that I could get and make my short list even shorter.  I love shopping early and this sale is really too good to be true.

Happy Veteran's Day to all and thank you to our military and those who protect us and sacrifice for us every single day.

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  1. I love the monogrammed totes - perfect for Christmas gift giving! Happy Tuesday!



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