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All The Pie For Thanksgiving

When I think of my favorite Thanksgiving food I think I can break it down to just a few things; turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce .... and pie.  All the pie please and thank you.  After Thanksgiving dinner is passed and we have the opportunity to snack on leftovers for days I always choose the same plate ... a little turkey, too much stuffing, cranberry sauce and more pie.  I don't know what it is about pie that just makes it the best dessert choice for the entire month of November for me, but I am all truly all about the pie. Since my baking skills are slim at best I rely on buying all of my pies from Southern Baked Pie Company and they never, ever disappoint.  I used to be so much safer since all of their locations were further from our home, but the brand new location in Vinings being just minutes away is putting delicious homemade pies right at my finger tips.

And I am not upset about that one single bit. 

Our plans for Thanksgiving are still be worked out, but I am sure it will be simple vs. previous years where we have either hosted all the family or made a huge spread.  Nathan is still so fresh in recovery and since he is THE best cook in the house the turkey and stuffing is most definitely always on his list.  I am responsible for sides, all the cranberry sauces and all the pies.  I can promise you whether we are home and hosting immediate family or traveling to our family I will still be in charge of dessert and 100 percent snagging all my pies from Southern Baked.  With two sizes, regular and mini, you can order a few pies to share ... or you can order mini pies for each of your guests to have one of their own. 

We are definitely a family that has more than one flavor in our home for Thanksgiving.  I always have two pumpkin, one pecan (its the Hubs all time favorite), and either cherry or apple.  If we have large group, like the year we were a party of 22, I will snag both cherry and apple.  I am famous for a plate of a tiny sliver of more than one kind and most definitely the largest sliver would be a fruit pie.  And breakfast after a holiday is always a slice of pie and multiple cups of coffee by the fire. Yes please!!

This order from Southern Baked was six mini pies ... three pecan + three apple.  I love how they are truly so perfect for individual servings and give you enough pie to have some right after dinner and then some later with coffee or boozy cocoa by the fire.  Southern Baked's all butter crust is soooo good, and it truly sets Amanda's pies apart from any other I have ever had.  They are truly just sooo good.

Whether you are hosting and need dessert for your group or you are traveling and need to bring dessert for your host I highly recommend you do all your pie shopping at Southern Baked Pie Company.  If you are local you can stop in and purchase what you need and even get them early as they freeze beautifully.  If you aren't local you can order them as they arrive frozen just when you need them.  When I was ready to serve these I just set them out on the counter and in just a bit they were ready to serve.  What I love about her pies is how quickly my house smells of homemade pies when all I did was place my order and let her do all the heavy. 

You can place your order here on the website.  I have sample so many of Amanda's flavors and I can tell you I have not found one yet that I did not love.  My personal favorite is the French Coconut Custard.  It is sooo delish!! Nathan's favorite is most definitely the Caramel Pecan.  He is known to try and snag it all for himself as you see in the photo above.  😉

With the holiday just weeks away ... go ahead and get your order out of the way and then keep them frozen until the day you need them.  If you are like me the errand running around Thanksgiving is crazy and I always have "get pies" on the list.   I have already purchased mine and they are ready to go the day I need them.  And if you have a relative that loves pie more than anything ... like me, you can purchase a pie of the month club and have a fresh pie delivered to them in either a 3, 6 or 12 month option.  Wouldn't that be truly divine?

Have the best Thursday ... and order your pies!!

Images by Angie Webb Creative


  1. it makes me happy you are blogging again. that means your hubby is home and your family is back together. I love the tablesetting outside for Thanksgiving! I'm in CT so that usually is never an option. Oh, and you forgot mashed potatoes for a favorite. :)

  2. I, too, am swooning over those tortoise chargers! Do you have a source or are they vintage? I bet your Thanksgiving is going to be extra special this year now that you're all home together and your husband is recovering. Best wishes!

  3. Yes! Those tortoise shell chargers!!!!

  4. same as above... those chargers (heart eye emoji) where are they from?

  5. Beautiful table setting. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, you're truly blessed!



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