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Gift Of Talent + Love

If you spotted my Instagram this morning than you know most of the story of this mug and its incredible creator, but I don't think one simple post is enough to give you all the details.  I can't do the details justice, but I am going to attempt to give you all I have.  This was one of the biggest blessings I received and when it came I truly did not understand all it would end up being and how bad things would get before I had a chance to gift the mugs and spread the love the love that was given to me.  Like I said, I am not sure I can do this justice ... but here goes my best effort. 

On August 29, only 23 days into our journey my precious and talented friend Leslie Chalfont texted me and extended her love and prayers for what had been going on.  She simply asked if she could do something for me ... her exact words were so precious.  "Is there a bible verse or something meaningful that I could make for you to give to the staff who has helped you through all of this?"  As the conversation went on she mentioned a coffee mug since I always have one handy ... which was so very true.  We had to put our conversation on pause since she was prepping for a hurricane and needed to focus on their safety, but chatted again two days later where she delivered a simple and easy plan.  In a matter of two and a half hours she had hand drawn a design, painted it, and uploaded into a mug for me to see.  Can you even process how quickly she worked and how destined by God this whole thing was?  I still have trouble piecing it all together in my head.

On September 5 the mugs were delivered to my home ... just a week after her first text.  While she was preparing for a hurricane she stopped and took the time to design something special for my family.  I can't even share with you what this meant to me.  Leslie is truly gifted and she used her precious gift to bless me more than I can share.  The large box filled with mugs had to sit and wait another month before I could even begin to open them and make a plan for gifting them.  I knew immediately when we chose a mug I wanted to fill them with treats and wrap them up with a personal note for each person.  One of the two things I noticed them all getting excited about daily was coffee (duh) and sweets.  When I made a plan it was easy to fill ... fun coffees from Starbucks and a variety of chocolates from Lindt. 

We delivered the mugs about a ten days ago on a day when we had nothing else planned.  No doctor appointments, no physical therapy and just a day for us.  I watched him get cleaned up, choose what to wear, and get excited as we walked in.  It was so therapeutic for me to be with him when they were delivered.  He was there for all the hugs, tears and love.  So many of them hugged us extra tight and for a man who is very private and simple seeing him share the love back was unreal.  He is just as grateful and filled with love for these people who were the hands and feet of Jesus for us. 

We had to wait a bit to share more about the mugs to give all of all recipients time to receive their gifts.  I have received photos, calls, direct messages and one precious text from the staff we loved on and I can tell you each one of them has been incredible.  Yesterday while I was in the radiology waiting room one of our precious nurses + a tech came to sit with me for a few minutes.  I was not alone in a time that I can tell you brought great anxiety to me.  They continue to bless me beyond all words, and I hope they know what they will forever mean to both of us.

Each of us has a God given talent that was given to us to bless others.  We are meant to use these gifts to show the love of Jesus and for him to use us to help others.  Leslie was so open and ready to use her talents when she was needed most and it will continue to bless others.  Every single time these people see their mug they will think of us and Leslie and the gift that was bestowed to them.  I don't know how to thank our team enough ... but I can hope that this will remind them of how much they loved on us when we needed it most.  How they were the hands and feet of Jesus to us in such a scary and troubling time. 

I am proud to call Leslie my friend and colleague on this blog journey.  She is most definitely someone you should know and love, she is truly so very precious. 

Thank you will never be enough Leslie ... but luckily the smiles and hugs from them and us will keep coming and I will keep sharing them all for you to see!  ❤

Happy Friday!

Photos by Angie Webb Creative


  1. I love that you are not shy about sharing how your faith has been tested and GROWN throughout this ordeal. So glad that you have such a powerful platform to share Jesus with your friends and readers. We worship a God who sees--and he sees how you are sharing your story and His love. It's awesome.

    1. Sorry-- I hit "publish" accidentally. --Ann Marie, @annmariepirnat



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