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Apple Cider Cocktail + The Best Swizzle Stick

Anyone all about the apple cider this time of the year?  We most definitely are ... from having a glass with breakfast to enjoying it spiked as a cocktail at night we are truly apple cider fans.  I think the crisp air, falling leaves, and snuggling by the fire makes me crave all things apple.  A true cloudy, slightly pink, slightly spicy apple cider is my go to. 🍎

One of my favorite things to do with apple cider is to either make punch or fun cocktails.  The amazing apple and spice flavors are perfect for layering in more flavors + bourbon.  We are bourbon fans just in case you are new to the blog.  😉 I think one of my favorite combinations is anything with ginger or cranberry flavors.  Apple, cranberry + ginger is just delish.  Lately I have been mixing apple cider with a yummy Apple, Pear & Ginger soda I found at Trader Joes.  It is so yummy.  This cocktail starts with those two ingredients and then finishes off with bourbon and a darling swizzle stick.

I love anything you can add to a drink (spiked or other) to make it even more fancy and Acrylic Sticks Co. has the best options.  One of my favorite friends, Leslie of Giddy Paperie partnered with Acrylic Sticks and The Enchanted Home to design some darling and beautiful designs for the holidays.  We should not be surprised at all that I am a huge fan with all the plaid, blue + white, boxwood topiaries, and all things Christmas.  So, so me!  💗

image via Giddy Paperie

Their collaboration includes the sticks you see above along with pumpkins, nutcracker, stockings and beautiful ginger jars.  I chose the boxwood topiaries for today's drink ... and I think it pairs perfectly with my black watch plaid napkins.

To make this yummy drink first chose your favorite apple cider.  For me it would be one from a local apple farm.  I like one that is cloudy, a mix of apple flavors and heavy on the spices.  I simply took my monogram mug, added ice and filled it about half to 2/3 of the way with cider.  I added in a good splash of the apple ginger soda and then topped it off with a good pour of bourbon.  Stir with your swizzle stick and its ready to go.  If we had been entertaining I would have added a cinnamon stick and maybe even extra soda, I love anything ginger flavored.

So the Hubs is better with a simple drink.  Where I will always order the drink with extra ingredients he sticks with a simple bourbon on ice.  He always tries mine and loves it but still sticks with his simple drink.  I set out all the mixings for this drink and he picked up the Jackson Morgan Salted Caramel Liqueur and added a splash to his cider.  I will say ... it was delish as well. 

So ... I highly recommend my drink and he loves his.  Both are so good and both absolutely look better with these darling swizzle sticks, don't you think? Check out all of the darling styles and grab a few sets.  These make amazing hostess gifts paired with your favorite spirit or a set of glasses.  I love that you can add them to your drink and take it immediately to fancy ... or even use them to identify each person's drink.  I also love how amazing they look while helping to keep your drink mixed, especially if you like extra ingredients like me.  And the best part, I love every single thing Leslie creates and this is just a new thing I get to own and adore.

Keep your eyes peeled on Instagram around cocktail time to be able to win both of these sets you see here ... I am giving them both away today.  Because the only thing better than using them and purchasing them is getting them as a gift!  🥳

Oh, and ps ... I just spotted the news that Leslie + Tina collaborated on another project and its so cute.  You will want to check that out as well!

Happy Friday!

Images by Angie Webb Creative

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