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12 Happies du Jour

Designed by Stephanie Sabbe

How can it already be the week before Thanksgiving?  This year has truly flown by ... and for sure the last four months.  I am really enjoying this week decorating our trees and working on our oldest son's room for when he comes home at Christmas.  He moved out when we were prepping for surgery and his room was a bit of a mess with a little of this and that and had no purpose.  I spent this weekend working on it and will finish it this week just in time to host him for Thanksgiving next week.  He has a birthday next week as well, so it is even more special.  I can't wait to show it to you ... coming very soon.  The photo above is my inspiration ... and is based loosely (very at times) on the design above.  Isn't this room incredible?

Did you all start The Crown this weekend? We did not and I am hoping to completely get lost in it next week.  I can not wait.  There is a lot of discussion online about being either an Elizabeth or a Margaret.  Which one are you?  I am most definitely an Elizabeth.

If you are like me and could not recall how The Crown left off ... this is a great article to catch you up.

Have you shopped this darling shop?  I love finding new sources for needlepoint inspiration and this shop has some amazing designs!

I just learned that Gray Malin has a Palm Beach series of photographs and I am so excited about them.  If I had to choose one as a favorite I would be hard pressed, they are all sooo good! We are redoing our basement den next year and I see one of these framed over the sofa for sure!

Speaking of art I noticed that one of my favorite artists has some great pieces for sale on her website.  We own one Kayce Hughes but I think it may be time for another.  But how do you decide? These would be an amazing Christmas gift for the art collector on your list.

I am completely in love with this bracelet.  One of the last things my little friend from Haiti told me was that he loved me in French and I hear this over and over in my head.  You can customize it any way you like but I do really love this one.

My darling photographer brought us dinner on Sunday night ... our last meal of all of the incredible meals we have been given since August 4.  She baked and brought us homemade Oatmeal Creme Pies and I can tell you that you must buy this cookbook and bake them for yourself.  They are the best thing I may have ever tasted.  Oatmeal Creme Pies are truly one of my favorite treats and this homemade version is better than any Little Debbie any day.

My girl and I had our first red cups last week ... mine hot and hers cold.  I love that hers said Merry Coffee, isn't that darling?   I have reusable cups in both hot and cold and I love this version of both and think they would make really cute gifts for teachers, neighbors and besties.  I like adding names to the side to take them to the next level.  You could fill them with shredded paper and a gift card or two.  Tie a bow around the cup and gift it with love ... and caffeine.

So ... my favorite retailer has already released their Cyber Monday prices and they are sooo good.  I think you should get out your list and get some shopping done.  I have listed everything I like below ... by item.  Every single thing I wrote below are great for gifts and for you if you need to stock up!

The softest turtleneck sweater, I love the pink.
This sweater with jewel buttons is so easy to dress up. I love the grey and navy.
These pajamas are a must have.  I live in mine.  They are 62% off and you can order them monogrammed.
This rollneck sweater is $70 off.  I love every single color.
This sherpa sweatshirt is $83.50 off.  The green!
This $20 beanie would be darling for the whole family!
These $60 loafers ... yasssss!
These slippers are the coziest!  And also $26.
My husband lives in these and this one is less than $49.
Flannel pajamas for him for 59% off. Yes please!

Anyone else already listening to Christmas music?  I always start listening to it right about now and don't stop unit New Years. I am working on a playlist to share with you and I have loved making it.  I think I crave a playlist from my time in retail.  There was nothing more fun that a new playlist that would arrive in the mail and the Christmas ones were always the best ever.  I will have it finished today or tomorrow and have it ready to share.  Bring on the holiday tunes!!!

Have the best Tuesday ... ever!


  1. I started season 3 of The Crown last night. A little disappointed. When you catch up, let us know what you think.

  2. Hi! Love your blog but you accidentally credited your first image to Emily Henderson, it was actually designed by Stephanie Sabbe. I follow and love her work!



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