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Baked Spiked Apples

This recipe is so delicious and so many of you have been waiting for it since seeing me devour one the day after I made them.  What I love about baked apples is the ease in creating them.  They are so easy, so hard to mess up, and truly the best dessert or breakfast food.  I made them thinking they would be an incredible dessert option and then after eating one for breakfast proclaimed them the best brunch food.  Warm and yummy apples for brunch ... who knew it was the best idea.  You can pair it with cheesy scrambled eggs and toast and you would be the hit of the block for a fall brunch.  These are truly so easy to make and can be made with or without the yummy brown sugar glaze ... but I most definitely say with please!

First ... I used the apples I had on hand and would most definitely recommend you use what you have on hand as well.  The recipe I used called for Fuji only but we had Honey Crisp and I loved them.  They had a perfect pink tint to the apple next to the skin which I loved.  Plus, honey crisps are my absolute favorite apple.  Also, I was so surprised to learn you do not core the apples all the way through to hold your yummy ingredients inside.  It was my first time making them this way and I found it worked perfectly. I would most definitely say it was the best idea ever!

Baked Apples ...

Ingredients ...
4 good-quality apples
1/4 cup granola with nuts
1/4 cup light brown sugar , packed
2 Tablespoons butter , room temperature
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/4 cup water
Sauce ingredients below

Instructions ...
Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Use a paring knife or apple corer to remove the stem and seeds from the apples, making a deep hole where the filling will go. Combine the brown sugar, butter and cinnamon in a small bowl and mix well to combine. Add the granola. Spoon mixture evenly into each of the apples.
Add 1/4 cup of water to a baking dish and place apples on top. Bake for about 40-45 minutes, or until apples are tender when pierced with a fork. Remove from oven and allow to cool for a few minutes.
Spoon the sauce drippings from the pan over the apples.

Sauce ...
For the sauce I mixed together the following, 4 T butter, 1/2 cup brown sugar + 1/2 cup of Jackson Morgan Southern Cream Brown Sugar and Cinnamon liqueur.  I warmed the ingredients in a sauce pan over low heat until the sauce began to bubble just a little and started to thicken.  Then you remove from heat and pour over your delicious baked apples.  Of course they would be delicious as well without the sauce ... but they are truly the best with it.  It was so amazing!

I love how yummy and blistered they look ... I can not tell you enough, make these this week as either a dessert or a brunch menu.  They would be perfect for Thanksgiving morning since they are so easy to make and smell so very incredible!

Happy Monday!

Images by Angie Webb Creative

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