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Gifts For Her 2019

I am super excited about gift giving this season, I think maybe the most I have been maybe ever.  With the year we have had and the last few months I have such different ideas of how my gift giving will happen. I have decided to give very intentional gifts this year ... something that I know will be a special gift and one that mean something to the recipient.  I have made my list and I am working on finding exactly what I want for every person on the list.  When I made my gift guides this year I picked things I think make special gifts for the people on your list.   With each gift I am suggesting I will expand on why I chose the gift and how I think it could be given in a special way.  I put a lot of thought into all of my gift guides, so we are not just gifting another thing someone may or may not use ... but you are giving something that has a lot of meaning, and love. ❤

The first gift guide I am posting is gifts for Her ... something close to my heart.  😉 I found some amazing ideas to share with you and each one of them is something I would love to receive myself.  I own a few of these items and truly love and cherish them and so will the person who is receiving them.

So let's break it down by numbers and I will expand on each item with other ideas that are similar ...

1.  Barrington Gifts Garment Bag - As I mentioned last week I have been hunting for an amazing garment bag for a while and this one fits all my wishes.  I love that it is such a great item for travel and makes an amazing gift. The best part about ordering from Barrington is being able to customize the bags in any color and pattern combination you wish. For me in the fall I chose the plaids every single time, you just can't go wrong with the timeless element of a plaid. I think travel is one of my favorite things to do with my family, seeing new places with them is always a great thing so you can gift this bag and another other combination of other items in this post as a great gift along with a lovely card sharing where you would like to travel with your special someone.  Or, even better, book a trip and then place the itinerary in the box with their new pieces.

2.  One of my favorite things to do when I am home is to play music.  I think music is one of those things that is universal and no matter what your likes or dislikes are you can gift someone special anything in the music category and its appropriate.  My best friend owns these Sonos speakers and loves them and I can tell you they are amazing for all around sound.  She has one in the kitchen and two in the den and the sound is really amazing.  I highly recommend these for great listening, they will blow you away at the quality of the sound they produce. And to take your gift to the next level ... add in a Spotify membership and even create some playlists as a fun extra.

3. Ginger Jar ... I think this is one of my favorite things to add to this list.  Since I am a true lover of all things blue + white porcelain I think opening a box with a fabulous ginger jar is an incredible idea.  There are so many great sources to score fabulous ginger jars and I have pulled some good ones for you to choose from.  You can always scout around antique shops and estate sales and try and find a great pieces but that is always hit or miss.  I have done the hard work for you and gathered up some great options below at all price ranges.  Every single piece below is a stunner!

4. Loafers ... I can not think of a more timeless or classic accessory.  Loafers are a great shoe for any time of the year but I do find I wear them more in the fall and winter.  I have picked out a variety of loafers for you to choose from ... both high and low ... to add a very classic and amazing piece to her wardrobe.  You simply can not go wrong with a loafer, it is a shoe that will stand the test of time and she will treasure forever.

5.  Pearl Earrings ... these are another classic addition to anyone's closet.  I have owned the same two pairs of pearl earrings for years and I wear them almost every single day.  I have a smaller pair I do not wear as often and a larger pair you see me in quite a bit.  I found a great pair to share with you that is an incredible price and from a retailer I tell you to shop quite a bit.  These earrings are a great gift idea. 

6.  Weezie Robe ... I am completely in love with my Weezie robe, but to be completely honest I am in love with all my Weezie products.  If you need a great gift for your mother, sister in law, new mother, bride to be you can be assured a robe is the perfect choice.  If she isn't a robe girl you will be so thrilled gifting her (or him) a set of towels. We have the starter set and I truly do think they are the softest and thickest towels we have ever owned.  I also really love the makeup towels and think they are a perfect gift if you are looking for a little less pricey gift. 

7.  Dudley Stephens Fleece.  I needed to put a period at the end of that phrase because I can tell you these fleeces are next level good.  They have a cult following and the moment you put one on you will instantly know why they are so loved.  The fleeces come in a number of styles but the comfort and softness is the exact same in each style so it comes down to preference alone.  I would tell you if you have a number of girls to buy for then you just head to their website and knock out your shopping.  You will be so thankful you are one of the people who says they are ob-sessed with their fleece from DS.  I prefer either the Cobble Hill or the Park Slope style. 

8.  Sunglasses - These are such a fun and inexpensive gift, but what I think would be even more fun is to purchases these darling Audrey Sunglasses + gift them inside a Barrington Gift sunglasses case.  You can get so creative with the case and the pair is a perfect and special gift idea. 

9.  Air pods  - I am dying for a pair for my multi tasking I am trying to master, listening to audio books while either doing chores or stitching a needlepoint.  I had a pair I shared with my girl this summer and we loved them but they disappeared at school one day so we need a new pair.  This price is so good!  And even better add in a fun and sassy case so losing them is a little bit harder to do. 

10. Foto Strap - We own a camera we have had for years and I still love to pull it out and take photos when we travel.  We have had it for so long and I love using it.  Recently I was introduced to Foto Strap and was so excited to find incredible leather straps you can personalize for your camera.  This is a great gift for anyone who already owns a camera and uses it like we do.  For me pulling out my camera is a special event and I love seeing my pink monogram strap on it.   There are so many options and this is a great gender neutral gift you can give for so many reasons.  If you are looking for a camera this one is a great price.  A camera + a personalized strap is a fabulously special gift.  Foto Strap is currently 25% off and is offering free shipping until the end of November.  📸

11. Skin Care - This was the year I took back my skin care and I can tell you a hundred times over I am so glad I did. This summer I started the new routine from Beauty Counter and my skin has never looked or felt better and I truly put it to the test with the year we have had.  I can not recommend it enough for yourself or as a gift for your wife, best friend, mother, sister ... anyone who wants great skin care.  My best friend commented the other day it would be the gift she gave herself if she could buy her own gifts this year.  I knew I had to include it here.  I would most definitely buy it as a full set, it is so worth every single penny.  Right now it is on sale, the $424 value set is on sale for $286.50. 

12. Classic Bag - Timeless and special bags are a great gift for any event you wish to celebrate.  I got my first LV when I turned 40 as a gift from my grandmother.  She mailed me a check and told me to buy something to celebrate myself and I did.  I remember choosing it and then going to purchase it feeling like I was so very special. That bag is still my favorite in my closet and will forever remind me of her precious gift.  Since then I have added a wallet to my collection (another gift) and this summer I added a Speedy to my collection.  Next year for my big birthday I have my eye on a special bag.  You can gift these bags without breaking the bank if you know how to shop.  Ebay has a great collection of authentic bags for a fraction of retail.  I have put together some great options if this is a gift idea you love.  I know I would be over the moon to learn someone watched an auction to find the perfect bag for me. I am a true lover of my Louis Vuitton bags, but if you prefer a different brand I would still tell you this is a great source.  

13.  Gray Malin print - Gray Malin is the Aaron Slims of our time. His photography is incredible and is most definitely a great idea for any area of art you need or want for your home.  He recently released his Palm Beach series and you know I am dying.  When I was doing some research I discovered he has a number of locations to choose from in his Places category.  I am completely drawn into the Florida options but I also love the Nantucket and Hamptons pieces.  I think this is an excellent idea for a truly special gift.  You can order it framed or unframed and then let the recipient choose the style of frame.  Currently the framing is free on his site, so that is an amazing gift! Santa ... can you add this one under my tree?

14.  Enamel Bangle - These bracelets are all over right now and I can't say I am sad one single bit.  I have seen some people wear a number of them together and then others wear one single one with something personal on it. I think I like the single one with a special meaning the best.  I personally love the je t'aime option ... it is the last thing my sweet friend from Haiti said to me and I can still hear his voice saying it to me. 💓

15.  Staffordshire Pups - Antiques are such collectors pieces and so many of us collect different and amazing things.  I have a special spot in my heart for anything Staffordshire and most definitely pups.  I get a lot of comments on my collection and I love to share details.  I find them all over and hardly ever in pairs that are in amazing condition at a great price.  You can most definitely bet when I do I snag them for myself or friends.  Gifting a set of pups would be an amazing gift for someone who wants to start a collection or build on the one they have.  I have found some amazing sets below at really great prices. 🐕

16.  Bar Cart - We all know I am bar cart obsessed.  I probably have spoken of my love for bar carts way too many times, but here we go again.  I can not tell you of one person I know that does not either own and love their bar cart and wants another one or wish they owned one.  This one is the best cart I own and I am really happy with both the size, the look and the versatility of it.  If for some chance the person you are wanting to gift a bar cart to has a space issue or doesn't love the idea of a big one you can snag this smaller one.  You will be the gift giver of the year if you sneak this under the Christmas tree!  

I have more gift guides coming your way next week and then, of course, Black Friday ideas.  Oh what fun ... its the best time of the year.  I love to give gifts!!  

Happy Friday!

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