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Gifts For Him 2019

I am not going to lie, shopping for the men in my life is always really hard.  They are pretty settled and grounded people and would prefer an adventure more than a gift most times and so finding them a few things to wrap and place under the tree is difficult for me.  I always find incredible things they would love ... but I am not always sure they need them.  Shopping for the males in my life is always a little bit difficult for me so I am tackling this gift guide first in hopes that I will find some really fun ideas to surprise them with this year.

First of all I will most definitely be purchasing some adventures.  Last year my dad really wanted to go to a hockey game and we went the day after Christmas and had so much fun.  It was on his bucket list so I was happy to make it happen.  We (all seven of us) had so much fun and talked about it for days and weeks afterwards.  I would most definitely be up for going again and even for grabbing season tickets now that I understand the game more and understand how the players all work penalties etc. If you have a professional hockey team near you I would suggest you make time and go.  The males in your life will love it! This year I am trying to decide on another adventure for him, but I am still thinking.  And since I know he reads my blog there will be no sharing here before.  Sorry Daddy!

One of my favorite gifts I found while sourcing for you was this leather frame.  We have never had photos of the five of us (I know, so wrong!!) and this year we plan to and this leather frame would be incredible with a monogram and a photo of your family or a special event. I plan to gift more than one with photos of the five of us and a note thanking our loved ones for their role in the last few months.  Isn't it so gorgeous?

I bought these rolling duffel bags for all my boys last year and they loved them.  They have been such a great and useful gift and I love seeing them packed up for adventures.  I gifted this log carrier to the Hubs last year and he truly loved it.  I also bought him a Daniel Wellington watch which was a huge hit and this year I can snag some fun bands to add to his watch.  All of the males in my life love pull over, half zips and this one is the one Lawyer loves! I also really like this one for our boys and I love adding a monogram.  I have my eye on a pair of Airpods for the Hubs and this key chain case is the best addition to that gift.  He would truly love it!

We all wear matching pajamas during December and our Vineyard Vines pj pants are the favorites.  They truly get more comfortable with every single wash and lately Lawyer has been living in them.  While you are on the VV site, snag some of these boxers, they hold up the best over time! If you love a great shoe ... I can recommend this loafer + this boot, both of which are amazing and super comfortable.  Plus the sale has already started on both of these shoes and its sooo good!

Barrington Gifts is a great choice for the men in your life.  Their Black Friday sale starts today and its really good.  I have tagged all my favorites below!  Make sure you take advantage of their great sale ... up to 20% off depending on the total of your order! You can read this post again to check out all the groupings I love to give.

Lastly ... I found a few things that I think would be so fun to gift to the men in your life.  A little of out of the box if you will!  Check out these ... a great game (Spikeball), a fabulous bike (I would love some great bike rides as a couple!), a custom needlepoint belt for Him (I am dying to stitch one for my love), and a great set of speakers!

Happy Shopping for that list of males ... 

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