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All The Plaids ... Yes Please!

It may or may not be known but I am a major plaid lover, as in major.  I love almost every single plaid you can discuss with a few that just don't strike my fancy.  I think it may be the product of growing up in the 80s where plaid + Ralph Lauren reigned but whatever the reason, I have a major love for all things plaid.

During the fall and most definitely this time of year the plaid love grows even more deep and I truly can not wear enough or use enough plaid pieces.  I have a collection of plaid wrapping papers I love to use plus so many pillows and throws for this time of year.  I promise you ... this plaid collecting thing is crazy.  As you can tell from the image above I am not even kidding when I say I love all things plaid.  I bought those darling pants + the smoking slippers + the headband this year and I think at this point I could make a whole closet of just fall plaid items. 

Is there a plaid support group .... but would I even want to go?  😉

I know I am not alone in my plaid loving and I have collected a fabulous list of plaid items for you to peruse and add to your plaid collections.  All things at J.Crew are 50% off online only (with code GONUTS) and if you spy something you love from Mark + Graham you can order it and add a monogram and it will still arrive in time for Christmas if you place your order by tomorrow evening.  Can you even believe the luck? 

So with that said ... go crazy town and add all the plaid to the cart!  💙

Images by Angie Webb Creative

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