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Bar Cart Bliss

The best part of a bar cart for me is how incredibly versatile they are.  You can use it every single day as either a storage for all sorts of bar items or as a side table or book shelf and then clear it off for a special occasion and deck it out head to toe for a party.  My new bar cart from Serena & Lily is not only stunning ... but also has wheels making it super easy to style up for both everyday and special occasions.

I snagged the South Seas Side Cart a few weeks ago and immediately moved it into the den to use as a side table for everyday.  I love how it has two shelves allowing me to style the top and use the bottom row to store games that we use so often.  We love to play games as a family and it is so fun to share with guests, though I am not sure they love how competitive some of us can be.  πŸ˜‰  I really like the mixture of both the black and the natural ... the black adds some detail on the all white walls and the natural is just a big favorite of mine for all things.

Isn't it just so very pretty?

Since we are literally just two days from the New Year I styled it up the other evening while my best friend was here to celebrate the coming new year.  I wheeled it out to the porch and we added all kinds of fun things, poured some champs, and made it super special.  I even played with some fun cocktails and made a cheese tray which I will share with you tomorrow as a last minute NYE prep idea.  The cart is so useful and the size is perfect to roll out onto our already styled and full porch.  It can be used sideways as a side table or as I used it by moving a chair as a bar cart.  I mean ... when you are in the middle of some quality time having a bar cart right next to you is super helpful.  πŸŽ‰

Also, I always keep a bottle of champagne in the house for a few reasons.  First you never know when you need to stop and celebrate and, second, if you are in a pinch it makes a fabulous hostess gift for anyone.  For this little best friend celebration I used berries, rock candy sticks, and edible gold stars.  It is amazing what you can find in your house when someone says can we have some quality time together?

But ... of course!

For this fun little quality time I set it up with all the NYE fun for us to play around with while we were talking about the crazy of last year and some fun things we want to do this year.  I read recently that January is next week, next month, next year and the next decade.  That is most definitely something to think about and after the year we had I feel like I need to make sure every single day is intentional and thought about.  Just some food for thought for sure.

I absolutely love my new Scalloped Capiz Hurricane holders ... they are truly so pretty all on their own and then you add pillar candles and light them and then they really come to life.  I wanted to light both the one on the top shelf and the bottom and then realized that a lit candle on the second shelf was probably a bad plan.  I will use them on the porch for sure as they are perfect for our porch with the beach vibe, don't you think?

If you have not invested in a bar cart I suggest you think about doing so for the new year.  I promise you it will be a good investment piece and you can use it so many different ways.  I have two in my daughters room as side tables (she loves the bottom shelf), one in the dining room to hold my antique tea set, this one in the den, and another for the guest room to hold a coffee pot and anything else we love to shower our guests with.  This one is my absolute favorite for a number of reasons but most definitely the wheels.  I just rolled it into the kitchen, set it up, and then rolled it onto the porch for our happy hour.  It went from every day to celebration in about 20 minutes.  Yes please!

Oh, and happy hour just as the day is turning golden is the best light maybe ever.  I plan on seeing all the golden hours on the porch I can muster this year.  Life is definitely more precious than I ever imagined.

I will be back tomorrow with a cocktail + appetizer recipe for any last minute help you may need!

Happy Monday! πŸΈπŸŽ‰

This post was written in partnership with Serena & Lily but, as always, the products chosen are truly the ones we love and use and the opinions are completely my own.  


  1. Cu-ute!! And you could put a battery candle in the capiz candle holder on the bottom shelf!!

  2. LOVE it !!! I just purchased a bar cart a month ago and I'm loving it ! Cheers to Happy Hour and fantastic moments in 2020 !



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